BV wallet for men

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  1. hello. i'm thinking of buying a wallet for my male friend and BV is a good option. i have two styles on my mind
    - all woven wallet (the classic one)
    - wallet with woven part in the middle only, with 1" non-woven part (normal leather) around the edges

    my colleague is using the first one, and the corners are bended since the leather is so soft and he puts his wallet inside pants pockets. so, i'm think on the second one since the corners are not woven and won't bend so easily.. any suggestion on which one is better?

    for the color, black won't be a mistake. but i also saw one in dark olive, which looks similar to grey. do u think it's a rare color and good for male?

    thanks again :yes:
  2. ^I think by the dark olive color you mean Bronzo from this FW collection. I think it`s a neutral yet nice color and understating enough for a male.

    I don`t have any experience with BV wallets but I guess if you put it in your pants` pockets, the one with the woven part only in the middle might be the more useful choice.
  3. Personally, I don't like putting a wallet in my pocket, except for chain wallets.

    I like the all woven wallets since they tend to be a little slimmer than the others. BV also has a wallet with bill clip that is also slim.
  4. I just got the bronzo fully woven wallet for my brother--it's a nice alternative to black and brown for guys. I think with any wallet that goes in the pocket the edges will get bent; my husband has wallets that are flat unwoven leather and after years of use the edges are bent inwards.
  5. I am using the basic wallet with 8 credit card slots and bill divider, black in colour. Was looking around for a wallet and all the others look so bland. What really caught my eye was the full weave on the wallet and I immediately fell in love with it! Its functional, has enough slots for my cards and two compartments for my bills. No place for coins though, but I've never like putting coins in my wallets anyway, makes it all fat and bulky.

    I would say, get the fully woven one as that is one classic look that was last a lifetime.:tup:
  6. Welcome to the BV sub, triggerpuff!

    I :heart: the BV men's full Intrecciato wallet with the chain. It looks fabulous IMO - so masculine and classy! Oh, and bronzo is a lovely alternative to Black, which doesn't do the Intrecciato the most justice sometimes :p