BV vs Adventura

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  1. Well after seeing vacanze and seeing how good it looked on the adventura I'm curious is the adventura much bigger than a BV? I looked at the measurements on lesportsac and the measurements seem pretty close. I don't know if I can justify spending an extra $50 on an adventura unless it is much bigger than the BV.

    I'd like some opinions from someone who either owns both or has seen it in IRL to compare.
  2. I saw a Tutti Avventura at Bloomingdales in San Diego. It's H U G E compared to the BV. I tried it on, and it was at least 1.5 times bigger. It would make for a great weekend bag, but maybe more annoying because it doesn't come with a messenger-bag strap like the Trenino or Luna.
  3. Wow Really! Hmm, wonder if lesportsac gave the right measurements on it then? At least it is good to know that there is a noticeable difference between the two.
  4. They have the right measurement. I'm just giving my initial perspective from when I tried it on. It's a really roomy bag.
  5. I've seen pics of it compared to a BV in the Reference thread~ It looks absolutely ginormous next to the BV~
  6. I saw the BV and the Adventura side by side at Bloomindales in Mall of America yesterday and there was a huge difference. The Adventura looks very much like a tote bag and would just be too huge for a purse in my opinion.
  7. As others have said, it is H U G E, i saw one in bloomies, it seems to me more of a travel bag. Very roomy
  8. Thank you ladies for your input. If I can get one I want one in vacanze since it shows off the print well and a smaller purse for everyday use in that print as well.
  9. Yeah, I noticed that. The measurements are wrong on They have the Avventura as 1 inch smaller side-to-side than the BV.
  10. :shrugs:Yeah that is what I couldn't figure out? Well, I'm glad I asked.
  11. And look at page 14 of "The Great Bag Reference Post". Someone is showing the comparison there.
  12. Thanks Queen! OMG it is like night and day the difference between the two! :wtf: I guess if I want a bigger bag it is worth the extra $$$.
  13. Oh no, I want an Avventura now :push:
  14. Lol! Me and you both! :graucho: Vacanze is perfect for this bag.