BV Venice - the 411, new "baby" and pics inside!

  1. Hello Everyone! I'm back from the Mediterranean with pics and, of course, a story. My bags are still unpacked, the house is a mess, I'm battling jet lag and what is one of the first things I do....log on to tPF! :rolleyes: I missed you guys and will spend the weekend catching up!

    First of all, whew, what a whirlwind vacation! What was supposed to be a fabulous 12 night/9 port Mediterranean cruise with the family, turned out to be a 9 night/3 port disappointment! If you have time, check out the brief USAToday article regarding my cruise:

    I'll be happy to share details with those that are curious, but otherwise I'll stick to BV-related news here.

    Despite the cruise debacle, it was fab to be in Europe again - turned lemons into lemonade and made the most of my 16 days in Europe. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately!) I only managed a little time to visit the BV boutiques in one city, Venice. What charming stores! Just a couple of blocks away from each other - the little beauty on Calle Vallaresso (first 3 pics below) and the larger gem on Campo San Moisé (last pic). Sorry for the brief shots, it was extremely difficult to get unobscured photos with all of the foot traffic - soo many people!

    The first boutique has a couple of the new colors in the window - green "Azzardo" Campana and "Camel" flap handbag - I am loving both colors! Pardon, I'm not sure of color/style the single large tote in 3rd pic, but isn't it handsome! Alas, there wasn't sufficient time to properly drool over the goods and drill the salespeople. A color that I had not heard of and they had a few styles in stock was "Favorite" (not sure of spelling). It is a beautiful salmon color, soft, yet not pastel - my description can't justify its beauty. Anyways, it's GORGEOUS and IMO the fall color that will be as popular as Magnolia was in spring!

    The larger boutique had so much in stock! Every time they pulled open one of their drawers, I :nuts: and clapped my hands in glee! They :lol: at my enthusiasm. They had all of the new Fall colors in stock and so many accessories/wallets! There's one particular new style that I really liked - an extended version of the small zip card added pouch on the side & card slots...adorable!!

    I did not take any of my BV's on the trip and thank goodness I didn't. They would've taken a beating (planes, trains, boats and buses!) and it did drizzle a couple of days. I traveled with my trusty and lightweight Prada nylon bags and rugged LV Mono carry on and brought my "delicate" pieces for evening (clutches).

    Of course I had to return with a little somethin' somethin' for moi! :yahoo: I'm working on piccies of my new baby, but meanwhile, I'll give you guys some clues -- it's petite, in a new style and a rich fall color. Needless to say, I :heart: it and can't wait for you guys to see it!

    Any guesses?? ;)
    BVVenezia1.jpg BVVenezia2.jpg BVVenezia3.jpg BVVenezia4.jpg
  2. I was shocked at how many knock offs were being sold by street vendors alongside of the designer boutiques. They displayed their goods in front of the boutiques and were very aggressive in pushing them. If they noticed you were carrying a designer bag or if you were eyeing their pieces, they were on top of you en masse!! Most were poor, scary knock offs and noticeably fake styles, but at a quick glance, some were disturbingly well made. Luckily, all of the BV knock offs were horrible and mostly in nonexistent BV styles. (note, the man in the #12 shirt is carrying the BV knock offs -- a black/white checkered BV? Ppshaww! :tdown:)
  3. Welcome back! We missed having you around. What an adventure of a cruise, I was glad to hear that you will be refunded for the cost.

    I can't wait to see pics of your new addition. Is it salmon by chance?
  4. I am so jealous! Sorry the cruise went so badly, but it must have been heaven to be in BV in Venice.
  5. Tnx ouija -- yes, hard to complain in those magnificent surroundings! I def made up for the cruise disappointment with sumptuous Italian food/wine and fine Italian goods!!
  6. NW, tnx, I missed you guys too! You're close, but no, not salmon or "Favorite" as they called it. My little bag didn't come in that color....but you're warm!
  7. Waiting for pics...You can't tease us like this! Maybe the "new" sloane? Ferro?
  8. myindulgence!

    Welcome back! We missed you round here and we`re glad you safely got home! Although the article on the blog doesn`t sound as if the cruise has been a fabulous journey it still sounds as if you just made the best out of it (well, that`s the only thing you can do, right?)

    Didn`t you just love Venice? I´ve been there as a teenager a cpl of years ago, when only the smaller of the two boutiques did exist but I loved the city! A little bit crowded but if you just get lost in the small streets you will find amazingly peaceful and beautiful places!

    Well, thank you for sharing the pictures (the tote on the third picture is their classic Travel Tote, but looks as if the color is lighter than the classic Noce), I love the new colors!

    Hmmh, if Favorite is a close guess, then I´d go for either Carmino or Scala. Can`t wait to see pics!!!
  9. Welcome back!! Interesting article...sounds like after some bullying there was some good compensation? In any case, I am glad to hear you made the most out of a disappointing situation.

    What charming pictures! I know we are all happy you got to spend even a little bit of time at the Venice boutiques.

    Come to Golden Gate Park today and show me your new bag!!!:nuts:
  10. Welcome back, you lucky thing, you! Thanks for the great photos. Yes, very disturbing seeing those fakes so brazenly displayed.
  11. Welcome back! We missed you around here. The cruise sounds like it was a mess, but at least it looks like they went out of their way to compensate everyone. I haven't been to Venice in years - it's great to see pics. And I am WAY too eager to see the delectable woven souvenir you brought back!
  12. great to see u post :smile:! rest well and post the new purchase pics soon :yes:.
  13. myindulgence sweetie, so good to hear from you again! And back safe and sound albeit the unfortunate turn of events. What an adventure! I'm so envious of you, travelling Europe. I miss it so much, and itching to go back soon. Oh, you must stop teasing us like this. Out with it NOW! :hysteric:
  14. great report! thanks for the pics too!!

    i wanted go to italy so bad...
    Bottega Veneta and Panerai!!
  15. Oh, I love Venice--the BV shops must have been heaven.

    All over the larger cities we saw the fakes being sold. In Rome, they'd line up in the plazas, someone would yell "police" or the Italian equivalent, they'd grab the blanket with the bags and run. Disturbing.

    Can't wait to see what you brought back.