BV Venetas on Bluefly!

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  1. Woohoo - just got my order confirmed for the Ebano medium Veneta, which has been on my wishlist for years! :yahoo: It's going to be my first BV!

    Just thought I'd let you ladies know about some other ones there - grab them while you can... the classic browns never seem to go on sale!

    Walnut - large Veneta

    Orange - med Veneta

    They have some of the other embellished hobos at 20% off too.
  2. Congratulations...always love when people find the bags they have been waiting on!!!
  3. Thanks KB! I was really making an effort to focus on Hermes, but I couldn't pass this one up since I've never seen it on sale before. I :heart: the rich chocolate brown color - it'll be a nice addition to my collection!

    Looks like someone has snagged the large tan now... Bluefly has had some nice deals lately for BV!
  4. ^ YAY!

    So, are there any concerns with buying these Bluefly Bottega bags? Would they be floor models or something?
  5. There are a bunch of cockers on there too!!!
  6. The Ebano really shows the woven leather off on the Veneta. Congrats--so happy for you!
  7. Echoing Greentea..... I remembered reading that an item on Bluefly was a fake, so is it safe to buy from Bluefly?

    The Cocker on Bluefly (same as mine in Ebano) is almost US$650 cheaper than what I paid at my local BV boutique!
  8. I would never buy anything from bluefly again. Just recently I had to return a medium veneta in ebano because it was fake and also they described it on their website as a "large"...needless to say, i actually ended up paying more money on a medium fake veneta!!! be careful, ladies...make sure you are checking every single detail on the bags you receive from them coz they seem "authentic" at first glance...well, at least the one i got!! i was almost fooled!!!!!
  9. ^^ yikes! how scary! hope yours turns out okay, tweetie!
  10. Yikes! I know Bluefly had problems with some fake Bbags last year, but I thought that's been resolved? It seems the girls who bought BV from there have been happy when I scanned the threads.

    I-Bags - I hope they're not reselling the one you returned... now I'm worried I got that one :sad:
    Shoot - I'm getting it shipped to a family member that I'm visiting next month to save on tax, so I won't get to see it till then. Hmmm, I'll have to check it really closely. Going to PM you too!
  11. Hi Tweetie..just responded to your pm!

    To give you a better idea, the fake one was returned about two weeks ago...

    If it turns out that you got it, you can always send it back..that's the good news :smile: . There's always hope though!!!

    Moral lesson for me, sometimes it is better to spend the extra money and get your items at the actual stores for peace of mind. I just don't have the kind of luck other people have when finding good deals!!!
  12. There are ball bags up on Bluefly. A black, brown and taupe. There's also an orange capana.
  13. It was FAKE!!!? OMG! I just don't understand how they can get the regular colors in bags that never go on sale (like black veneta or ebano cocker?)

    I'll buy from BV.
  14. I ordered about 5 BV bags (all were authentic) but only kept one. I got three venetas (large and small), ball and campana.

    I wonder how a fake one got in there?
  15. i-bags - as far as I know the only fake bags sold on bluefly were balenciaga bags that were sold last summer.
    I was told that bluefly now put security tags on their bags so that they can track their inventory and not get a bait and switch again.
    Can I ask how you know your bag was a fake? I know that bluefly sells a lot of "floor samples" either from stores or small boutiques. Is it possible that your bag was just a well worn floor sample?