BV Veneta in Limo

  1. Hello. Just wanted to share my first BV bag - the Veneta in Limo. :blush:
    Enjoy! ;)
    BV(front).jpg BV(side).jpg BV.jpg BV(inner).jpg
  2. Congratulations! It's gorgeous and the color is awesome.
  3. I love it. Limo is perfect for this style.
  4. Thanks Belen, the colour is just so neutral. It smells heavenly too :graucho:
  5. i sooo love it :love: is that a new color ? its gorgeous :heart:
  6. Limo is supposed to be a new classic colour going forward, according to my BV SA and Bella1's too. :yes:
  7. Thanks Kaka :blush: Yes, Limo is new for S/S '07 and it is suppose to be a classic colour from now on like Ebano, Nero etc.
  8. beautiful!
  9. Gorgeous bag ! I love this color !
  10. Oh so very beautiful! Just a stunning bag. Enjoy it.
  11. What a gorgeous bag! What size is it? :heart:
  12. love the color! i think i'm going to have to get a bag in limo as well !
  13. Very nice and what a great color!
  14. OMG!!! I LOVE it. Congrats!

    How come the SA didn't tell me about this color for the Veneta......? Where can I find one?
  15. Congrats! It's a fabulous bag! Enjoy!