BV Trunk Show in Chicago May 10-11

  1. Sob, I can't go, but I want to share the invitation with anyone who may be in the Chicago area in a couple weeks.

    May 10-11 (Thursday, Friday), 11am-5pm, the Bottega Veneta store at 800 North Michigan Ave., will have a trunk show of their Fall/Winter 2007/08 collection. RSVP 312-664-3220.

    I'm dying that I can't go, but maybe someone in the midwest can and will add to GreenTea's report from the show she's attending.
  2. I was just in there on Friday and they told me about this. I think I will stop in, but I'm not going to RSVP (they told me this is ok). I will let you know what I see! They had a new catalog and it looks like lots of black patent & red. I honestly wasn't really feeling the patent. A lot of beautiful RTW, though.
  3. Were they handing out the catalogs?? For the amount I've spent in that store, it they have the new ones, mine should be on its way.

    I'm the same way with patent--it probably has something to do with my childhood when I had to wear black patent to dress up and I hated it. I'm sure there will be plenty of things to tempt me, tho!:yes:
  4. Boxermom, I know exactly how you feel! I can't get into the patent thing either!

    I'll have to see what I'm doing next week - would love to go!
  5. ^^^^You should go if you can! I wish the BV stores had a frequent buyer program, I've spent so much there.
  6. Thank you for the post boxermom.

    I have this horrible guilt about not going to the trunk show by me. It was early in April and I had an invite, but just didn't attend. I wasn't thinking about giving a report here. I feel bad about that now!!!
  7. KB, that happens to everyone--no guilt, please! You just missed seeing some new styles and colors ahead of most buyers. Next time, though...........:graucho:
  8. No, they were not handing them out. She said they just had the one copy. Hopefully they will have them available to hand out soon, though!
  9. If any one gets a catalog...can you scan it here for us?
  10. I'll def scan some pics the sec I get my hands on one!

    Can't wait! I need more information on the Maxi Veneta!! :sweatdrop:
  11. They are always late with the catalogs. They should really mail them out sooner!
  12. ^^^^I second that!