BV Trunk Show at Chicago NM last week

  1. While we were up north last week, I managed to delay our return so I could go to the downtown Nieman Marcus BV Trunk Show. Never went to one before and the rep from NYC said it was only the 2nd one they'd ever done. There were some bags that will be in the fall line and some of the new colors.

    She had sample pieces of the calfskin nappa leather in the 4 stages (after dying it) of work: smooth, stamped for weaving, a piece partially woven, and a finished piece. She said only 2 handbag makers are permitted to buy skins from a particular supplier: BV and Hermes.

    The seasonal colors for fall will include camel, a salmon pink (called Favorite), a med. blue (don't recall a color name), Blonde, a lipstick red with bluish tones (Carmino). That's all I can remember. The Carmino looks beautiful made into a bag. They had no blue samples. Blonde was pretty, too. Some new styles have the braided handle (yay!).

    There was more information than I could absorb, but she wasn't busy when I was there so we had a chance to talk awhile. Very nice woman. Her bag was a large Cabat in Ebano!:love:

    Too bad they weren't giving some kind of freebie!
  2. Wow. How fun is that?!

    I'd LOVE to attend a BV trunk show!! I imagine all the bags on display will be so thoroughly "molested"! :p

    Apart from the leather in the various stage of finishing, did they go through in detail re the making of the bags? Love how their trunk show is so informative versus the other more regular kinds, wherein it's just a fashion show. Speaking of which, was there a fashion show too?

    One of my ex-clients is the sole distributor of the furniture brand, Poltrona Frau for Singapore, and they flew in large pieces of leathers in the various stages of finishing for an event we did for 'em. Love the detail and effort that goes into the production of all these fine fine leather goods :yes:
  3. Oh I love to see the Carmino and salmon pink. Thanks for posting this boxermom. When do you think the bags from the fall line will come out?
  4. Thanks for the info boxermom.Trunk shows sound exciting and fun (maybe they'll have one when the S'pore standalone boutique opens). Can't wait to see the new yummy fall colours.
  5. boxermom-what a fun an interesting thing to do, seeing how they're made would have been fascinating. I wish I had been there! I can't wait to see the new colors and the braided handles! Thanks for sharing with us-
  6. I was at the same trunk show and definitely should have stayed away. I ordered the Carmino bag which should arrive sometime in July and in addition, I bought another bag in Limo. Not sure what it is called. Both are gorgeous!!!

    I will have to go on a self imposed purse ban effective immediately.
  7. Very interesting about sharing the same leather supplier as Hermes.
    Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you.

    Pics culejule when it arrives !
  8. Wow! The fall colors sound wonderful! I can't wait to see the salmon either. Thanks for the info Boxermom!
  9. Boxermom- does this bag have the "Favorite" salmon pink and "Carmino" red that you saw for Fall? [​IMG]
  10. ^^^That style wasn't there. Maybe it's my screen, but the salmon was more pink and the red was deeper, right, culejule? They always say the color is slightly different depending on the leather used,too.

    belen, she implied that June/July the fall things will start to appear. No fashion show. She was very nice but things weren't too organized early in the day--I got there just after the store opened and they were waiting for a carton of purses to be delivered from O'Hare (overnighted from Venice).

    culejule, did you order the Carmino bag that was like a pouch with the structured woven handles? That bag was TDF!! I didn't order anything. I'd already bought the large Campana at the BV store up the street.
  11. can't wait to see the salmon pink color...I love pink!