BV Trivia - Post your tidbits here!

  1. Hey everyone – I think it would be great for us to compile a thread of “insider” BV knowledge, stuff we picked up talking to SAs. I’ll start”
    1. You can special order bags in any currently existing color for a 30% surcharge.
    2. You can have leather goods (but only the darker colors) refurbished by BV for 60 dollars.
    3. You can have a dirty suede lining changed, and choose a new color lining if you want. There is a pink lining option! Not sure of the fee for this.
    4. The exact same color dye can appear differently on different leathers. So for instance, Old Petra won’t look the same on deerskin as on calfskin.

    So, share your info!
  2. 1. Sales happen twice a year - around 1st week in Jan, and last week in June.
  3. Bottega Veneta has a patent on the color Ebano. You will never find a color brown exactly like it.

    I love these bits of trivia to:

    It is so difficult to find good skilled handbag artisans that Bottega Veneta opened up it's own school to educate future luxury handbag makers. The program trains each student for 3 years.

    It takes 2 days and about 70 strips of leather to make the famous Cabat handbag. "Cabat" means "work sack", and even though it remains a best seller, only about 200 are made each year.
  4. The classics like Veneta, Cocker, Ball, Campana, Cabat etc are available throughout the year in classic colours such as Nero (black), Ebano (dark brown), Bianco (white).

    The same applies to the classic intrecciato wallets in different styles such as french, continental, zip-round etc.
  5. Another bit of trivia :

    Apparently the Roma, Sloane and Montaigne are so named after the places in Rome, London and Paris where BV has its boutiques located.
  6. Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966 by Vittorio and Laura Moltedo, in Vicenza (near Venice, Italy), an area known for soft leather and the craftsmen who know how to manipulate it.

    In year 2001, it was bought over by PPR (formerly Pinault-Printemps Redoute) which is runned by François-Henri Pinault, which also owns other high-end brands such as Gucci, YSL.

    Tomas Maier is the current German-born creative director of Bottega Veneta and the designer largely considered responsible for having redefined notions of luxury and ushering in the countertrend of subtlety and refinement to the logo-besotted luxury market.

    The original BV slogan is "When your own initials are enough".
  7. It takes 2 people, 2 days to make the Cabat.
  8. Aside from bags, men's and women's ready-to-wear, the Bottega Veneta universe also embraces shoes (including children’s), fine jewellery, homeware, a pets' collection and sunglasses.
  9. The leather company that provides skins to Bottega Veneta only sells to one other designer--Hermes.
  10. Wow....does it means it applies to all BV stores worldwide regardin the sale??
  11. .. and to Creed for their atomizers.
  12. One funny trivia thing: the individual braids of the intrecciato (woven) leather are called "fettucine", a term also used for a kind of italian pasta :lol:

    Plus, they always have the exact same width on every product, no matter if big or small. (I just forgot the exact measurements though :hrmm:)

  13. You might want to tone down your rude post count at this point. Lets show a little bit of respect. If you dont have any thing good to say...........
  14. Actually, I think they have different widths for different product categories. Just not sure which are different. I think shoes maybe, are different widths from bags and other accessories, as they are different from ready-to-wear. :yes:
  15. Oh, okay, sorry, didn`t know about that, my SA just told me to measure a braid would be one of the authentication methods, since they`re always the same width. Maybe that only goes for handbags!