BV tags...what do they mean?

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  1. Since the search feature has been disabled, I hope this topic has not been beaten to least recently. I am a newbie, and would like a crash course in tag deciphering. It seems like BV tags are similar in format to Balenciaga. Here is the tag number from my first BV, a Ferro Sloane. I'm fairly certain that the first number indicates style, but that is all. I'm assuming the 2007 is year made.
    What does the rest mean?

    172918 V7782 1106
    EPEV 2007 2224A

    Do all BV bags have two lines of numbers? Do some smaller items (zip pouch, wallets, etc) have only one line? What's the scoop on the BV id system? Are there fakes that use known numbers over and over again, like there is on fake Fendi hologram tags?

  2. I think it's a good idea to identify what this number means.... My OP sloane that I got from bluefly last year come in 1 number line, which is:
    172918 V7782 2530

    My Camel Veneta has 2 lines of numbers, which is:
    115654 V0013 2640
    EPEV 2007 431 B

    Can anyone check their bag & let us know the number, from there we can try to figure out the meaning..
  3. ^ After reading your post, I'm going to apply some powers of deduction, lol!
    Are you sure the Sloane only had one line? Could the second be hidden?

    172918 (style?) V7782 (type of leather) 1106 (color?)
    EPEV (huh?) 2007 (year) 2224A (huh?)
  4. ^ Most of the older BV's have only one line of codes whereas the bags released last season have 2 lines. I recently sold a medium veneta from 05 with one authentication line and my new large veneta has 2 lines. C-24 or boxermom are good at identifying the various numbers. I believe it's style code and colour code as you mentioned plus now they've started adding a date code as well.

    So, 172918 is the style code for the sloane and the last 4 digits on that line are the colour codes.
  5. ^^You were totally right jburgh! 6-digit style code, V+4 digit material code and 4-digit color code (1... black/ dark grey color family, 2...brown color family, 4... blue color family and so on).

    I think they introduced the second line in F/W 2007, my S/S2007 tote doesn`t have it yet and I unfortch don`t know anything about it.
  6. It's only 1 line. I guess since OP sloane is SS07, so most of the bag come from this season still has 1 line.
  7. So it develops...

    172918 (Sloan) V7782 (type of leather) 1106 (Ferro)
    EPEV (huh?) 2007 (year) 2224A (huh?)

    What are the leather codes, color codes and style codes? Does someone have a spreadsheet or chart? We could make it a sticky in our new reference library, when that is finalized.
  8. ^ It will be an excellent idea, we need more input from the experts, like boxermom, ms. piggy, blugenie & others...
  9. BV is confusing us all. Just when I think I've deciphered something, I realize I'm wrong.

    One of the things I don't understand is the material code for the Nappa leather. V0013 is on many, including a cosmetic case and wallets I have. But my Nappa Campana and Ball Bag have V0016 on the tags.

    A Cervo bag has V174B, so I'd be interested to hear if others with deerskin BV's have the same V code.

    I have several color codes, some are well known.

    Iron (Ferro?)=1106
    Ebano= 2040 (have seen 2072)
    Old Petra=2530
    Greens start with 3
    Oceano (blue)=4510

    I wish I had started keeping records from the start, but I didn't. I'd appreciate any additions or corrections. For Noce, I also have 2510, and Parma also has 5368 written down, but some of those items are no longer with me so I can't tell what they belong to.

    Figuring out the material codes and the new numbers will be helpful. Sometimes the SA's don't divulge much to customers, but if anyone knows, it will help us all.

    Great thread!
  10. This thread is so helpful. I will be coming back here to refer every now and then. Thank you so much.
  11. This is a great thread - just hope we don't put together so much information that we make it easier for the bag-fakers to come up with authentic-looking tags! (I would note that what I am now calling my fiasco-bag did appear to have the right numbers on the tag... from what I could tell before buying the darn thing, and even since uncovering the fiasco and doing more research).

    But I digress - I wanted to add in my Montaigne numbers (of course!). Two have two lines, the other two just one.

    173398 V00A2 1000 (Nero)
    EPEV 2007 608 A

    173398 V00A2 6210 (Carmino)
    EPEV 2007 609 D

    173398 V00A2 2510 (Noce)

    173398 V00A2 9000 (Bianco)

    And my noce zip cosmetic case is 132535 V0013 2510.
  12. This is what I thought so too... but what a heck, if a bag-faker wants to fake a bag, they can just buy the real one, right? what important is to educate us so that we can differentiate the real & fake one...
  13. I see that Noce has had more than one code: I have 2660 on my list, and BookerMoose has 2510 on her Noce items. I really wish I had written down where that code came from--most likely the BV website at some time.
  14. I thought I read somewhere (I SURE hope we get that darn search function back soon... never realized how much I used it until it disappeared) that some of the colour codes may be different in the different leathers. Maybe that is why there is more than one noce code. Or maybe ALL my noce pieces are fakes - not just the fiasco-bag...
  15. ^Don`t worry BM, 2510 is definitely the code for Noce in Nappa and NU, maybe boxermom`s piece is from a calf or deerskin piece?
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