BV Sunglasses

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  1. Before this weekend, I had no experience with designer sunglasses. But I went to Carmel for a few days and forgot my sunglasses at home. Just riding over there in the car as a passenger gave me a headache. So, I decided to try BV. I tried on some with cute tortoise shell frames but rejected them solely because of the price, not that any BV is inexpensive. The sides of these are lucite so I included a photo of that. Anyway, here they are. (Whoa...I better do an angled shot next time. I'm blaming those wrinkles on the lighting but they're really there!) :yes:

    Has anyone else tried BV sunglasses?

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  2. Holy bad a** batman! You look super cool!

    I've got a pair of Fendi's that I really like but I got them at my optometrist because I put my prescription in them.
  3. Thank you. I thought I had gone big time when I bought RayBans, but this was totally unplanned and unexpected. If I manage to lose these, they won't be replaced.
  4. D: Your BV sunnies are very stylish. I "misplaced" my favorite black CD sunglasses and am very bummed. I am hoping they will show up somewhere in the house. If not, I may be in the market for some BV sunnies soon.
  5. They are great on you.
    I love the matte finish and the lucite ear
  6. Beautiful!

    I bought some BV sunglasses recently also. I am very happy that they changed the case which used to be very big and bulky. The old was beautiful but impractical to carry around . I am not home right now but will post a picture of mine later .
  7. Oh, you look so cute in these! I do have a pair of BV sunnies which I love but hardly ever wear as I scratched them about a week after I got them. After buying all kinds of designer glasses I just keep coming back to my Ray Bans. The glass lenses are so durable as in no scratches after 8 years and being thrown in my purse without the case. I like the BV case too...been known to use it as a clutch on occasion :sunnies
  8. I'm really being careful (so far) not to put them down someplace and walk off. So far,so good.
  9. Yes, the case is nice and compact. I'm eager to see a modeling shot.
  10. My RayBans kept getting lost. Last summer I went through three pairs of the identical sunglasses. A couple of years ago, I bought a pair at Target. I couldn't kill those things if I tried. Or lose them. Go figure.
  11. Everytime you find a great pair of sunnies it seems you lose them.
    I wear prescription sunglasses.
    BV glasses are made so your prescription can be put into them.
    Shame not in my budget
  12. That's good to know. I go to the eye doc mid-summer. Maybe I'll do that since I already have the frames....
  13. 👍
  14. They look fantastic! Great choice.

    Are they comfy?

    The most expensive I've ever had are Oakleys but have been lusting over a pair of Tiffanys for a couple of years. Finally broke down and bought them for Mother's Day.

    I just might have to try your trick the next time I'm traveling to a boutique - forget them at home. [emoji6]
  15. It certainly worked. They are comfortable although I went to an eyeglass store around the corner to have them slightly adjusted.
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