BV Suede Lining

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I purchased my first BV last week - Large Black Veneta and love, love, love it!

    This is my first handbag with a light color suede lining. Do any of you do anything special to keep the inside of your bags clean (spray treatments, purse liners, etc.)? I did recently purchase a leather pen case to any accidental ink stains. I want to keep the inside just as beautiful as the outside.
  2. definitely spray and definitely use cameleon [purse organizer]. suede lining certainly is a lux but mindful care is a must, right ?
  3. Yes, you may spray the inside with something like AppleGarde. Like annelovepuggy, I use a chameleon purse insert too. It is pretty handy. I have a pen holder in addition to my insert.
  4. chameleon insert is a must!
  5. I didn't realize you could spray the suede?? I can't use Chameleon inserts in my BVs because they are all sectioned, Romas and Rugiada Totes.
  6. Thanks's for all your help! I did spray my bag inside and out last night. I also placed an order for the large Chameleon to give that a try.
  7. question for those with a chameleon insert: With a veneta, do you use the structured or unstructured chameleon?

    because the veneta is a hobo style without a base, i'm just wondering how the structured chameleon will sit inside the purse.
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    Hi mrsDIY88 - The large chameleon seem to be a better size for the large veneta, but I have the same concern as you have regarding the structured insert. I had read in one of the other blogs (I think Hermes forum) that the cardboard at the bottom of the insert was removeable. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I ordered it anyway to give it a try. I considered the medium unstructured insert, but I didn't think that it would be big enough?
  9. You can see my photo of the large Veneta with a medium structured chameleon inside and outside of it (with modifications--see comments in the thread). It's not ideal, and it wouldn't be my first choice for the large Veneta. The photos show it with the bottom piece removed:

    If you have a medium Veneta, maybe the medium un-structured might look better because the sides would squish in. Plus there wouldn't be as much leftover room inside the bag as with the large Veneta. Someone else mentioned that the Jumbo Purse to Go fit nicely in her large Veneta, and maybe the Large or Small Purse to Go might work for the medium Venetas. I've never tried Purse to Go, but the dimensions and oval-ish shape make it seem like it might be worth considering for a flatter bag like the Veneta.
  10. I received my large Chameleon insert yesterday. It does come with a removable insert that keeps the bottom structured. I chose not to use it in order to preserve the hobo shape of my bag. It fits quite nicely in my 2 week old large Veneta and now my suede lining is protected! Here are a few photos....



  11. I haven't even thought about spraying the inside of my BV. :confused1:
  12. glad you like it ;)
  13. Yar, how do you spray it? Any sequence or skills involved?
  14. Can you use Collonil Nanopro on the inside suede lining?
  15. I've never used that brand. I just looked them up and there is no mention of silicone, nor mention of the absence of silicone. You do not want to use anything with silicone...ever. Best to contact Collonil and ask.