bv story

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  1. hi y'all, i just wanted to share this story with some people who would be excited about it as much as i was.

    so yesterday, my roommate and i decided it would be fun to walk along 5th ave and go window shopping for things we can't really afford, all the while keeping an eye out for wallets because we are both in the market for new ones. (i should mention here that i was carrying, for the first time since i got it, my magnolia montaigne.)

    when we walked to the bv store, obviously, and the second i walked in, i heard two salespeople go "wow!" by the time i had walked to the accessories counter, the two guys started gushing about my montaigne and asking me questions about it. it was exciting!

    for those brief, 10-15 minutes i spent in bv, they made me feel like a celebrity.

    and. it. was. awesome.

    oh, and p.s. i got a wallet! (old petra zip around with patent pink stitching!)
  2. Love your story and thanks for sharing! You should feel like a celebrity...that is a gorgeous piece.

    And own another. Enjoy it.
  3. Thank you for sharing your experience! Isn't it wonderful when they admire your bag--and these people see them all the time!!!

    Your new wallet sounds yummy. I hope when you have time you will post pics so we can :drool:.
  4. oh!!! i've been wanting the old petra with the patent stiching FOREVER! but can't make up my mind if i can drop $350 on a small wallet. please do post pictures so i can drool over it! thanks! :nuts:
  5. the 5 th avenue store is terrific. they seem to really love bottega. it is so fun to go there.
  6. How fun to be a celebrity even if it is just for a few minutes! Please post photos of your new wallet when you have a chance.
  7. What a great story. You must have felt oh so special. The only time I ever get to walk in to the boutiques is when I am on holiday....and never have any special bags on me! Please post pics of your new wallet. Did you get the large zip-around?
  8. Great story!! Please post photos!!
  9. It's so much fun when they treat you like a VIP. ;)

    I'm seriously considering the Old Petra zip wallet since I can't seemed to find the colour in a bag I like. Do post pics quick!
  10. How fun! :biggrin:

    Do post pics of your "celebrity" getup so that we can oogle too! :yes:
  11. Sounds like you had a fun time on 5th, thanks for sharing your story! Now you can't tease us with visuals without posting pics of both, I'd love to :drool: over them (lucky for you it will be virtual)! ;)
  12. congrats on your wallet purchase. please post some pics.
  13. thanks for all the lovely words, you guys!

    and as requested, here some pictures. (i've never taken pictures of my bags/wallets this was kind of fun for me!)

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  14. ^^^Thank you!! The colors compliment each other perfectly, don't they?

    naling, you have no idea how long it took me to figure out how to post pics and it's still a challenge each time. I envy you the computer knowledge you and others have-makes it a lot easier here.
  15. Gorgeous combo. Congrats!