BV - Spring/Summer 2008

  1. Hi

    I found this pic on the web filed under BV Spring/Summer 2008 Men's Accessory Collection. This could be the shape of things to come for us girls. A pretty blue for the summer.

    BV Springsummer 2008 - MENS.jpg
  2. it's a lovely colour! :smile:
  3. The bag is from the runway show. Women SS 2008 will be held during Milan Fashion week at the end of this month.
  4. Cannot wait to see what lovely colors and styles BV has in store for us! As always, as soon as I buy one bag, they tempt me with new colors and designs!
  5. This is the exact BV colour I saw in my dream at the begining of this year and insisted on having seen it in real life to my SA!!! Needless to say, I didn't mention the dream when I remembered it! I am either BV clairvoyant or I am losing it (make that lost!)
  6. You MUST be BV clairvoyant. What other colours do you predict? I'm thinking maybe a yellow might pop up. V
  7. Oh! The color is beautiful! I love blue bags.
  8. love that blue!
  9. VKD, thanks for posting that. That is a color I won't be able to resist! In the trunk show last spring that previewed the F/W '07-08 items, they showed me a swatch of blue leather, but I haven't seen a blue in the F/W collection. This is better than the blue I saw previously so maybe they re-worked it. I love this one!
  10. ooh..color looks great! Any idea if its gonna be 'THE' color?
  11. I think BV did a yellow for SS'06 or earlier. It might just show up again next season.
  12. There will also be a peach color.
  13. It's a great blue. Works well for winter and summer. I have learnt my lesson having missed out on parma and quartzo - you have to buy really quickly as they get snapped up!!!!
  14. Purple?
  15. Wow, I'm a sucker for a nice blue bag...:drool: