BV Small Olimpia bag. Opinions?

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  1. does anybody own the olimpia small bag? What is your experience with wear and tear? Does it fit a considerable amount of items? I am debating Between this one and Celine Nano. Thank you so much!!!

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  2. I responded to your other post in the ‘tempting’ thread.
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  3. The Olimpia is a gorgeous bag. I've wanted one for a few years.
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  4. I have had the small Olimpia, but I have sold it after a few months, because the corners of the flap lifted very much. I have weared it 10-15 times. I looked ugly!
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  5. I don’t have the small but I have the mini and it fits a lot, more than my BV disco bag or Chanel mini coco handle. I have mine for about a year now and I love it! No front flap side lifting but I made sure I open it in the middle rathen than pulling at the sides.
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  6. I never opened my small Olimpia at the sides! I only opened it in the middle, and I weared it maybe 10-15 times. Nevertheless the corners of the flap lifted.
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  7. Well cosima, I never said you did.
  8. I wanted only express, that this corner problem can happen also if someone opens the bag correctly.
  9. I wondered about that. It cheapens the bag. Thank you so much!!!
  10. I worried about that when I saw it in the store.
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  11. It‘s just my personal experience!
    But if you have a look at used BV Olimpia bags on ebay you can see, that most of the bags have „curly“ flaps.

    It‘s so sad because it‘s such a beautiful bag!
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  12. I agree!!! Thank you!!
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    I have the larger size in nero and almost never carry it...I will probably sell it. Reasons: it's heavier than I expected and that chain makes a god-awful noise if you set the bag down on a hard surface. It's a shame, because I really love the brand and I thought this was a dream bag, but my RW experience with it wasn't as positive as I had hoped...

    btw, in the larger size in the nero color, the chain was originally a dark gun metal color. Don't know when they switched to a gold chain. And do they not give you a mirror anymore? It's not listed in the product details. Mine came with a mirror, although I never kept it in the bag because there was no slip case for it and I was always worried it would break.
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  14. This is super disappointing, as I was planning to go to my local BV store to check out the larger olimpia this weekend.
  15. olympia is my first BV. I agree with most that the weight of Olympia gets in the way of more usage. As per the curling edge - at first I don’t like it but overtime I feel like it is part of the identity. However I do love the style - it is quite formal and for me it has been a nice work bag that can also work for jeans and t shirt over weekend.

    mine is the first style with short strap and chain - so I can’t comment on the long chain but I do get annoyed with ‘clanking chain’.
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