BV sloane iron

  1. Does anyone see that? I find one at,but it's sold out.:crybaby: I like it so much!!!Could anyone help me?
  2. It's grey , not iron~~:sad:
  3. ^It`s called Grey at Bluefly, but they`re not always correct with the names of the colors.

    And since there is no grey in this F/W season, the Bluefly bag definitely is iron!
  4. Thank you so much~~~~:tup:
  5. Welcome. Hope you`ll get it!
  6. Oh, I love the colour Iron!!
  7. Tseng, did you get it? It's absolutely beautiful! I love my ferro Sloane!!
  8. Did you get it eventually, Tseng? Ferro is GORGEOUS in any style IMO! :p

    Ever helpful, C! ;)
  9. My GOd!!Ferro Sloane is so beautiful~~~:woohoo:
  10. If you use the code MOMSVIEW10, you can get another 10% off. I got this bag for my mother for Xmas and it was $2350. I can't believe getting it for ~$1500 now. I hope someone jumps on it!
  11. aki_sato is the bag in your link ferro or nero? AFF says it's ferro...