BV Sloane colors & prices in Italy

  1. dears~ does any of you happen to know the color selections and prices for the Sloane bag in Italy!?

    i know some members have traveled to Italy recently and bought some lovely BVs and since my friend is going this month i thought i'd ask him to bring one back for me!

    i'm interested in both the Old Petra and the Poudre (since i find them kind of similar). are they being offered in Italy?

    any information would be greatly greatly appreciated!! TIA!!!~
  2. anybody!? thank you!!
  3. The Sloane is Euros 1580 according to the BV website. As for the colours available, I'm sure that would vary between the different stores. You could always call them and find out what is available. You can get the phone numbers from the website. The Euro is very strong at the moment, so beware. However you will get a tax refund. Good luck!
  4. thank you soo much~~
  5. A friend of mine happened to pass a BV boutique in Italy a few days ago, I believe it's available in Old Petra and Poudre.
    Call them up and ask, they should be able to send one to you too...​
  6. I can't believe its so much cheaper in Europe... To think I just got an Ole Petra one in Taipei for 82,000NT(1820 Euro) and was very pleased with a 5% VAT refund.....
    :crybaby: :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::death: