BV SLG: a card case and key rings (which to keep?)

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  1. Got my first BV pieces today! The key rings are actually a present for my husband :smile: And I need to choose one! I like them both, but am tempted to keep the metallic brown one (because it was on sale, hehe). But I'm a bit worried about the gunmetal finish. Is it easily scratched considering that it's gonna rub constantly against the keys? The mustard colored one seems to be a safer choice in this sense...

    fullsizeoutput_14a7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_14b9.jpeg fullsizeoutput_14b5.jpeg
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  2. I'd keep the metallic. I had this very same key chain in shock--a non-metallic and over time there was some scuffing. I then got the same key chain in metallic and yes, some of the metallic sheen has rubbed off but there's no scuffing. Over time, the metallic will hold up better.
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  3. Too late! I let my husband choose and he preferred the one with gunmetal finish. :biggrin: But thanks for the insight anyway!