BV Singapore sale alert!

  1. to the tpfers in singapore - i've been alerted by my sa that both stores will go on sale on monday. from 30% onwards. classic and current season items are excluded. happy bargain hunting! :wlae:
  2. I just saw this thread! Shucks! Now I have this urge to just go during lunch-time!
  3. hi pebz, i know what you mean. i am also going down during lunch today to check out what's available.
  4. woah! oh my!! The paragon store is the bigger one rite? Was wondering if there would be additional discounts for Taka cardholders @ Taka? Any idea?
  5. If you charge to the Taka cards, standard rebates, via vouchers, would still apply i.e. 3% or 6% (Platinum).
  6. Oh I see. Thanks! Just got news that I've a lunch appointment!! If you go, do post some news ya!
  7. hey pebz, i just got back from the sale. there wasn't much but i managed to pick up a little something. :jammin:

    BV sale.JPG BV corallo pouch.JPG
  8. So pretty! How much did you get it for? Any bags?
  9. Oooh!! How cute!
  10. thanks, pebz and nymph - i got it for sgd352, which is 30% off original price. there were bags but they were limited - a medium veneta in blonde, a pocket tote in blonde, and also a frame bag with a pocket in front in noce. all 30% off.
  11. Blonde sounds like a light color?
  12. hi pebz, blonde is a very light cream colour. a bit high maintenance for a unladylike girl like me, but if you like your bags in whites and creams i think you'll like it. if you want to see a sample of blonde, just go to and click on the link that gets you to the fall 2007 collection catalogue. there are a bunch of accessories in blonde on the catalogue.
  13. 30% off for the medium veneta = full retail price in Italy. The markup in Singapore is so high! :cursing:
  14. were they are any accessories??
  15. Hi lilflobowl, the stuff on sale are mostly accessories. Cosmetic pouches, card holders, key pouches, mobile phone straps, coin pouches, etc. in past season colours.