BV silver knot clutch on sale at for...

  1. $4300, marked down from $7700 (about 44% OFF).

    Milano stripe Montaigne Ebano-Camel on for $1200.

    Lots of good sales!
  2. Hmmh, says 5775 USD to me on Neiman`s, the price you quoted is from Bergman`s!

    Milano Montaigne seems to be gone...
  3. Ack!

    All still outta my price range though... But I'd love to see pics if anyone managed to scoop these goodies!
  4. Yes - luckily the milano Montaigne was already gone by the time I checked Saks in the middle of the night (after finishing my wrapping)... I couldn't have been held responsible for my actions if it had still been there!
  5. The extra 25% off does not show until you try to check out. The price is $4331. It's a beautiful piece, but still expensive. (Nicole Kidman has one, right?)
  6. Yeah, the Milano is gone.