BV shopping in Venice

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  1. We will be in Venice this summer and I am thinking of an excursion to a BV store there. I assume there is a flagship location? Anybody with insight into this - and whether it is worth buying there - please chime in. I haven't been to Italy since pre-Euro days (they are on the Euro, right?!).
  2. I went to Venice earlier this year and only walked by BV. If I intend on browsing or buying I always find it has extra charm to do it where the actual design house has its origins. E.g. Ferragamo in Florence, Fendi in Roma, so Venice is the place for BV to go!
    In terms of price there is no difference within the Euro zone. At least BV has the same prices in Italy as in France or Spain. I know for sure that LV is slightly less expensice in France, but it is not much of a difference. The € lets you compare quite neatly.
    However enjoy your trip! Venice is lovely, and after the Brexit the $ once again is developing in your favor
  3. Here is a screenshot of the two locations:

    Attached Files:

  4. Thank you for the quick update! How chic that there are two BV locations on the same street and quite near each other - plus so many other luxury designers nearby as well. I am looking forward to the visit and seeing this beautiful city for the first time.
  5. I was in Venice last weekend. So many beautiful temptations. In the end I chose to purchase from a designer's shop in Florence.

    Have a great trip!
  6. I feel a reveal coming. Yippee!!!!!!!
  7. Then BV boutique in Venice is lovely. When I went they were so busy. Looking forward to a reveal. Have loads of fun!
  8. shopping in a BV boutique, in Italy would be the "sauce on my pasta", a reveal would be most welcome when you are able !
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  9. Ah - too bad it wasn't a BV, but - at least we've got a thread for when we stray - the designer's web site you posted has interesting things, for sure! Italian things! :love:
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  10. There is also a charming shop Venetia Studium near the Hotel Bauer..

    Enjoy your trip & let us know what BV treasures you find!!
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