BV Shopper?

  1. Hi!

    I saw this style at NAP
    but I couldn't found it in the BV online catalog. I understand this is the shopper, right? Do you have or have seen this style IRL? Everything you can tell me about it will be great help!
    And what do you think: Do you like it or not?

  2. I like this style--nice tote shape, interesting buckle detail on the handles. If the handles lengthen to go over the shoulder I'd say you have a winner! If you are thinking of the taupe (assuming this means limo), it is a great light neutral and goes with almost anything.
  3. Thank you so much for the input ladies!
    Well the bag has adjustable straps! I think this is another stunning BV!
  4. I have the Roma which looks like it is very similar in shape. The straps are adjustable on the Roma too but even at the longest length it is tight under the arm if you are wearing a coat. I find it more comfortable on the arm.

    If I had to choose between the Roma and this satchel I would probably choose the satchel. The middle compartment of the Roma is more than adequate for my stuff, so I hardly ever use the two side compartments.

    I love the taupe color on this bag. Good luck!
  5. The capri is very pretty. I was just thinking the other day I'd love the small capri in ferro :heart:
  6. Thank you ladies! You really are great enablers!:yes:

    Mystiletto, do you mean that this bag exists in ferro? Even the satchel? I didn't think so. WOW, this is getting really interesting! If of course any BV bag for that matter in ferro is still available!
  7. Only in my BV dream world :girlsigh: I just called BV and in the US BV boutiques the ferro is available in sloane, roma, doctor's bag? and small flap bag? They are all sold out though. :hysteric: You can always special order. :love: