BV shoes, anyone?

  1. I am wondering: do any of you own BV shoes? If so, how do you find them? Other than gorgeous, of course that's a given. :p I've been tempted to buy a pair lately.

    (Apologies if this is a repeat post; I did a quick scan for a similar topic in this forum but found none.)
  2. I bought a pair off eBay (authentic)--absolutely adorable, but they run small/narrow. since I can't wear them, I can't say how comfortable they would be. ebruo has some BV shoes. Hopefully she will post, unless she's traveling for work again??
  3. I do not own any, yet. But I have tried several designs at the boutique. Boxermom is right, the sizes generally run small (at least half to 1 size small, if not more). I needed to up 1 size for the coin purse and the intrecciato ballet flats. But for a pair of peep toe pumps, it ran true to size for me. So maybe it also depends on the design and cut of the shoes.

    I believe ebruo should be able to share more personal experiences. E?

    I do know for sure BV shoes are all so gorgeous and TDF! Absolutely TEMPTING.
  4. Yes, I am on the road again and yes, I do check the forum messages more often than I do my work e-mails. Oh well, at least I am good at prioritising!

    I have three pairs from winter season, two pairs (one green, one brown) for work with 3 inch heels. I have been alternating these two for work and apart from my trusted pair of black loubutins, I have been living in them. They even come with the spare heel tips (you know the rubber bit you wear down). I don't have narrow feet and have suffered from the pointed-toe shoe trend until last year. The BVs are gorgeous and v.comfy. I also have four inch platform pumps in purple from last season and they are incredibly comfy as well.

    For this season, I did a fair bit of buying and exchanging as I always hesitate about spending money on open toe shoes/sandals as I live in London and can enjoy only a short summer. I ended up with a pair of pink interwoven flats and a pair of sandals. I love the sandals and the ballerinas are gorgeous, but I wish I had bought the pink ballerinas half a size up. I go half size down with bv heels and half a size up with bv flats. I had them sent to Italy and stretched and softened at the factory, so they are a much better fit now.
    I am going on and on and not sure if I'm making sense. It's early morning where I am now and I am on my blackberry on a hotel bed. Do let me know if you have any further questions. Big kiss everyone.
  5. Thanks very much for your help, everyone. :smile:
  6. I bought a pair and sent them back. They were extremely small and narrow. I have my eye on one pair that will hopefully go on sale and I'll try again.
  7. ebruo--thanks for the details--you made perfect sense :smile: I should have known you wouldn't completely desert us. *MWAH* right back to you.
  8. You don't say :graucho:

    What model are you using, e? I tried accessing tPF on my bf's blackberry, and I hate the "layout" of the site on it, so I gave up trying to browse on it :sad:

    P/s I would totally buy BV shoes, if only they stocked 'em in my size, which they don't. I have huuuuuuuuge feet which suck cos it's so hard to get shoes! :crybaby:
  9. Hi Nymph,
    Can't remember which model this is, I got it from Vodafone in the UK. It just says Blackberry on it and has a silver body and keypad. I read the forum and read recaps of greys anatomy, house etc on it when I travel for work, which keeps me sane. By the by, in case you're wondering, I ain't no travelling circus lady a la cirque de bottega veneta in 4 inch heels (no offense if any of you actually is).

    Also, think of it as BV's loss if they don't have the privalege of you modeling their shoes due to their short-sightedness.
  10. I believe it’s because the Singapore boutique brings in very (and I mean VERY) limited sizes for BV shoes, like probably only in sizes 35, 36, 37, 38 (and the corresponding half sizes), that’s all (for certain design even less). And possibly one pair each size. :sad:

    Nymph, if BV produces your size and Singapore boutique actually carries the design (we don’t get the entire collection here, sad to say), the SA can special order in your size at no extra cost. :yes:
  11. e, the bf and I LOVE Grey's and House too!! I guess I could learn to get use to surfing using the Blackberry, but then hee. It's not even mine! :p

    I don't think BV makes shoes THAT huge. Cos honestly, I don't think they wouldn't look cute anymore. Ah wells. It's okay. Am used to not-so-cute shoes in my size after 25 years. I'm content to just admire all the well-shod feet of the ladies here :yes:
  12. No fret sweetie, think of it as you have less one expensive area to concentrate on and channel more moolah to fund your bags (and clothes, and accessories, and make-up etc etc etc). I love Grey’s too.
  13. :yes:

    And I do need quite a bit of moolah for my bags! ;)
  14. Could always marry rich and have the shoes custom-made!
  15. Ooooh! And everything else that could possibly be custom-made too! ;)