BV Sardegna in Pink or Limo

  1. I purchased two BV Sardegnas, one in Pink (I think its Quarzo) and one in Limo. Just love those gorgeous think woven brown leather handles. I'm just not sure which to keep. The pink caught my eye first but then I started thinking the Limo would be more practical. I'm posting a picture of the pink, will try to find one of the Limo. Got a great deal on Bluefly! Will try to find a limo picture.
    peony sardegna.jpg
  2. I LOVE the pink. My vote is for the pink. This is a fun, casual bag and although Limo is a fantastic color, I feel like the pink fits the occasion more. plus, i love the quarzo/ebano contrast.
  3. I paid $497 for them, retail is about $720.
    limo sardegna.jpg
  4. I'm with writetoshirley, Quarzo all the way! Great deal, congrats!!

    I have a question, when you fill it up, does it sag a lot in the middle?
  5. pink pink pink! in such a simple and plain bag like this, the limo is boring.
  6. yup, I also vote quarzo--I think it's lovely with the brown handles
  7. totally quarzo - agreed that limo is more exciting/ interesting in woven bags, IMO.
  8. definitely the quarzo! it`s such a casual and fun bag, so it needs a fun color to with the style!
  9. totally the quarzo! it's such a wonderful bag!!!
  10. Another vote for Quarzo. Just beautiful w/the ebano.
  11. Quarzo! I kept looking at this bag, loving it. Glad you got a good deal on it.

    I'm a broken record on the subject, but love the handles--they make it special.
  12. ^^boxermom, there's another one on Bluefly right now! :graucho:
  13. Even as someone not so into pink, I was eyeballing that quarzo!
  14. I like the pink better :tup:
  15. Quarzo - This would def add a pop to any dressing. This colour would also work all-year as the pink is rich (looks richer IRL).