BV San Francisco boutique

  1. PF Members,

    I love this site. Just joined today and can not get enough. I manage the San Francisco boutique and love to hear everyones feedback. It is exciting for me to see how many members love our collection as much as we do. Just recently we had several members meet in our store to share their recent purchases. We always have a great time going through the collection.

    I am always available to answer any questions, so feel free.

    BV San Francisco
  2. Hi Samuel!! This is Jane, I was the petite girl who bought the noce pyramid from Roberto on the 18th. And I looooove it.
  3. Samuel! This is Karen, Jane's friend and ebano Veneta owner. Welcome. I knew it was only a matter of time before you showed up!
  4. Hi Samuel..welcome to this forum..I'm sure you'll love this and me myself got so addicted with the newest purse info..:smile: anyway..hope you enjoy and dun forget to info us if there's any events or especially sale at BV :drool:
  5. Samuel, welcome to the BV subforum at TPF. As you can tell, it's an understatment to say that we're all pretty passionate about BV here! Thanks so much for giving us your contact info for questions -- I'm sure that you'll hear from lots of us, as BV is a pretty intense (and pleasurable) addiction for us!
  6. Samuel, thank you for making the SF store such a welcoming and friendly place. It is a great place to buy.
  7. Samuel, what a dream job, to be able to work surrounded by such quality and beauty!

    I have not had the pleasure of visiting the SF shop (my "home store" is the Chicago BV store), but on a special birthday trip for my sister next year, we are visiting your city and I have your location mapped out, so our hotel is nearby! Not that I'm a fanatic or anything.
  8. Samuel, welcome to tPF! As everyone else has said, we are all fanatics about Bottega Veneta. More than a few of us openly admit to petting our BV bags, and personally, I have bought more bags (all BV) this year then ever simply because of the "enabling" that is done on this forum. Hope you have fun on this forum, and look forward to visiting your store in the future!
  9. Welcome, Samuel! I was in the store a couple of weeks ago and everyone was so nice and helpful. It's always a pleasure shopping in the SF store--I purchased two of my all time favorite bags there!
  10. Hi Samuel, nice to have you as an addition. Hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.
  11. Welcome, Samuel, love your store! I've received nothing but the best service there. You have wonderful sales associates.
  12. Hello Samuel, welcome to the purse forum and of course BV subforum. We are so lucky, whilst others have SAs, we have the boutique manager himself amongst us. We would be delighted to "tap" your knowledge and special info. ;)
  13. hi Samuel, welcome to the forum..
    it's nice to have you here with us. :smile:
  14. :welcome:Samuel. It is good to hear the opinions and advice of a Bottega manager in the forum. I know the SA's in the other forums keep us up to date on stock information and availability. I look forward to reading your contributions.