BV sale?

  1. Hi all,
    I'd like to purchase my first BV but am waiting for their sale. How good are the discounts? Is there a presale?
  2. I should write down what the % usually is; about 20-25% maybe? The less popular styles could be lower. The classic colors haven't been reduced that I've seen; it's the seasonal colors that get reduced. I've never heard of a presale with BV, but that doesn't mean there isn't one!
  3. Anyone know when their next sale may be?
  4. Oh yea, good info Boxermom!
  5. For what I noticed in London from the past, sales were normally 30% off on seasonal colours or bags. The less iconic styles have 50% off. They have pre sale for their customers who are on the mailing list, usually 1 week before the actual sale, 30% off. However, if you go in or call them during their pre sale week and ask them, they will also tell / show you the sale items.

    In London, sales normally start at the end of June and after Christmas.

    Does anyone know when are the sales at BV in Hong Kong, please?
  6. The classic colors, nero and ebano, usually never go on sale. Exotic skins also do not go on sale. When they do have sales, it's 30% off on seasonal color items.
  7. UCLABOI, I live in LA as well. Can you tell me when which branch will have a sale next? Did you go to the trunk show at south coast?
  8. Of course, I'll let you guys know when I find out. I's usually end of june and end of december.

    Yeah, trunk show was great. I only stayed for an hour. I wished I had more time :p .
  9. Yes, uclaboi, please let us know! I would love to get a heads up!

    haomimi, I called the South Coast BV, and they said that the sloane never came in the Old Petra, but I know you have one! I think if was Hannah that I spoke to :confused1:
  10. The truth is South Coast wasn't allocated with any Old Petra Sloane, hence the excitement they got when I walked in with mine. From what I know, since most of the bags are not massively produced, each store gets a certain allocation depending on their sales volume. I'm not sure if the one in Beverly Hills has any. If you're interested, why not call BV's HQ in the US and have them find one for you? I was lucky enough to get mine in Asia and the store I visited actually had 3 Old Petra Napa Umbria Sloane. Hope this helps. :smile: