BV sale in HK

  1. Hellow BV lovers,

    Anyone knows when does the BV sale start in HK, please???????? Many Thanks.
  2. hi londoner, i was just in bv stores in hk 2 days ago and asked the sas, but they said not likely this month.
  3. Thanks armcandyaddict. I have called BV store in HK today and the SA told me that she can't tell me the date.:oh:
  4. ^ oh why not? that is not very professional! I would call up again and ask to speak to a manager.
  5. I find that in Singapore, most SAs are very reluctant to share such info (this applies not only to the designer boutiques but high street stores too :confused1:). Even if you're on the best of terms with the SAs, they would most likely (if at all) quietly let you know on the side. :hrmm:
  6. So far, my experience with my BV SAs on such matters are far better. They are more forthcoming.
  7. Ms piggy, it might be because you've given them enough business at sales to make it worth their while to spill the beans with you.

    Londoner, I suspect the sas are tight lipped because they don't want you to wait for a sale to make your purchase.
  8. I would like to know too! I'm heading to HK in Jan. Any chance that there will be a sale at that time? Thanks
  9. i phoned to ask today, the sales could not give me a date either.. it's kinda weird since many brand names, chanel, ferragamo etc start their sale today..
  10. BV's sale might have started as designer labels normally start their sales on the same day. Too bad I am not in HK this weekend and have to wait till Monday. Hope I can still find some bargains.
  11. BV pre sale has already started.. I got calls from SA @ different store stating that u can reserve them now !
  12. wow, shopalicious, you have no idea how envious i am! it's a good thing i'm back in singapore or else there's going to be serious damage to the oi' bank account.
  13. Oh my! Guess it can't wait till I get there on the 22nd? Anyone can share whats going to be on sale?

  14. The BV public sale starts TODAY in hkg! I'm going down today to see what they have on sale. Or should i say, what they have left on sale.
  15. hiya luna,
    do keep us posted!!