BV sale in HK

  1. I was looking for the “zip coin purse” that can be used as credit card case. But hk bv doesn’t have that in limo.

    Fortunately here still some shops that sell bv stuff at even cheaper price. So whatdaheck, I tried my luck to see they have it or not. And woo woo!! I got one and guess what?! It was only HKD 1,020 :graucho: (SGD197, USD130, EU94)

    Original price was 1,700. But now S/S items are on sale with 40% off :yahoo:
    The one I got, they still have colors in Nero, Ebano and Limo. The shop is called TWIST. It’s located in TST, right across street from Harbor City BV.

    Report finish and thanks for reading. :sweatdrop:
    Sorry about the crappy pic, it was taken from my cell
  2. Wah CX, that's such a good deal. Is that in Noce? You didn't like the Limo?
  3. ms_piggy yeah, that was a steal. :graucho:
    actually they have the full woven version there, but as soon as the sales lady saying "how about this one? it's 40% off" i was like yea that's even better. (i like that type of zipper more that the other)

    it's in limo, but the pic above was taking from my cell phone...really crappy
  4. i love this bag, so jealous
  5. Wow..very nice!
  6. Congrats, TWIST is a great alternative to buy BV in HK. Enjoy ur new buy!!
  7. CX, do they have any shoes, particularly the ballerinas? TIA!
  8. I dont remember they carry any BV shoes though...
  9. Very good buy, CX! I love the colour and even better with the savings! :tup: I like Limo for a wallet/coin purse.
  10. thats a great price for a nice piece of BV :smile:
  11. i am not sure, but seem they only have those small items there.
  12. Where exactly is the Twixt in Tsim Sha Tsui? I only know the one in Central and Causeway Bay.
  13. Lucky gal! I hope i can be in HK now coz it's such a gd deal!
  14. Its at the building next to DFS Galleria... there's a staircase down leading down to it. HTHS!
  15. Thanks Crabtreemeeko, should go there soon as I work in that area now.