BV Sale in Europe

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  1. Hello fellow BV Fans!

    Since word has spread that the US sale is starting round the 4th of June I was wondering if any of you fellow European BV-cravers knew when it was starting here at the other side of the pond.

    I know we`re always beginning later than the US but has anyone heard of a definite date? I called my SA in Hamburg and she told me they haven`t set any date yet and even haven`t gotten any information about which products are going to be marked down.

    So, in the US, did travel items like the Catalano Shopper make it to the sale list? Or just seasonal bags and colors?
  2. The SA in the Sloane Street store told me it would probably start 3rd week in June.
  3. now that`s good news to hear! :wlae:

    did she mention anything about the items going on sale?
  4. no, sorry i didnt ask!! however i am still trying to track down a quarrzo bag charm thing (?) from the resort collection, so i will probably phone her tomorrow. hopefully i wont miss out completely, as i cant get to London til 16th July.:cursing:.
  5. oh, do you mean this cute little purse/charm/key ring/whatever this might have been originally designed for that has a golden metal strap and is a little coin purse at the end?

    this is just too cute. i`ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get that!
  6. C_24, you are so right, it is the coin purse/charm/keyring. desperately want it in quarzo, both the London stores dont have it. may have to phone or email your sa in hamburg, and see if she can locate it for me. keep everything crossed for me!!!
  7. well, raz96, i`m crossing everything that i can find for that you may get this cute little thing! :noworry:

    just give julia a call, she`s the best at locating things in the whole world, even tells you about how it is possible to have it made by made-to-order and stuff!

    she promised me to keep me updated with news on anything concerning the sale, so i hope we`ll hear from her soon!
  8. let me know as soon as you get some news.
    do you live in Vienna? is there a BV store there? spechen sie Deutsches in Wien?
    Hows that??? soorry if i am a bit cheeky, so many questions
  9. i`ll keep you posted if i hear any news!

    yes, i do live in vienna where they speak german, indeed (with an accent which sounds a bit funny to us germans) but unfortunately there`s no BV store. so i picked a german one for all inquiries and since the staff in munich was not overwhelmingly professional (still very nice and polite though) i stick to julia in hamburg!

    well, we do have a retailer that carries BV, but you know, no comparison! ;o)
  10. good for you!! ;P .the SAs make all the difference. im sure the one in Harrods that i spoke to about my borsa cervo cocker was called Begonia. Such a gorgeous name, and so helpful.
  11. aren`t begonias flowers? :flowers:
  12. they are flowers. im sure that is her name. she is soo sweet.She found me my pergamena borsa cervo. even the two BV stores in London had never seen it in real life!!! Harrods dont buy anything from the resort collections apparently, but i shall definitely phone your Julia tomorrow, and see if she can help me track down my coin purse.
  13. I have a feeling that the sale in London will start on 20 June as most stores in Lonodn usually start their sales on 3rd Wednesday or Thursday of June.
  14. hmmh, then i hope we`ll quickly get info about which bags are going to be marked down :smile:
  15. Good news, spoke to SA at BV today. she confirmed the sale starts in London on 27th June. apparently they have some knowledge of the bags which are going on sale, but dont know which accessories are yet. still havent got my quarzo purse bag charm. :cursing:
    c-24, i know you will love this news, perhaps its time to pick your Louisa`s brains.