BV Sale at NM!!! Pics from my SA!!!

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  1. I thought you all would enjoy these! My SA from NM just sent me a bunch of pics of bags that are currently marked down. Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested in anything! Enjoy!!!:flowers:

    1. Ostrich Weave Was $9,800.00 Now $6,860.00

    2. Ostrich Weave Was $5,950.00 Now $4165.00

    3. Python Was $4540.00 Now $3178.00

    4. Wallet/ Clutch Was $3970.00 Now $2779.00
    DSC02512.JPG DSC02513.JPG DSC02514.JPG DSC02516.JPG
  2. That's an awesome discount on exotics! Thanks for posting. I like the first ostrich bag and the python tote.
  3. These are the ones my SA told me about, too. Prices are out of my range, but the ostrich is sooo nice.
  4. Thanks Jag..... Beautiful pieces, but can't afford any of them, not at this moment at least... on the other hand, I just can't seem to get enough of the BV weave which always makes me break my purse ban!
  5. lovely bags
  6. that's the ones that went on sale at my NM too. Held the Python tote; it's gorgeous on too!
  7. Oh, I had forgotten about the python tote! I used to drool over it on the BV website! If only I weren't on a purse ban AND saving up for my first Hermes bag...sigh, too many bags, so little money!

    Thanks Jag for posting these pics! You're the best!
  8. Ohhh thanks JAG!!!! Love these, just wish I could!!!!
  9. is there any non-exotics on sale? I can't afford BV exotics for a while unfortunately :sad:.
  10. repeat post below sry
  11. Oooh thanks for posting. I had been drooling over that python tote (attached pics from catalog below) for a while, but I still can't justify the purchase yet. I hope many can take advantage of this sale! It's so gorgeous.
  12. Thanks for posting JAG!