BV sale anyone get a new goody

  1. Just curious did anyone get items on sale

    🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Princess
  2. thinking of getting the large veneta in menthe and a long wallet in new red, haven't decided yet... since I didn't see these colors IRL
  3. I'm thinking of shoes in walnut. I have two pairs and they are so comfortable- the driving shoes- just afraid walnut is too light for shoes. Will have to take a look.
  4. I'm hoping to snag a little wallet in new Red. But I haven't been in touch with the boutique yet.
  5. Considering something in Electrique or Fraise. The Tangerine is pretty, but too bright for me.

  6. It is! I think for an SLG or small scaled bag it's great but, as much as I love orange, I don't think I'd get a larger piece.
  7. Got a large black minionde hobo.
  8. Just heard from my sa- no shoes for me. :sad:
  9. Oro lanyard, time to retire the ottone.
  10. Nothing here. Now that I've seen the woven Cervo hobo, I am saving. ;)
  11. I'm thinking about a new red wallet. But I'm trying not to lose my metallic focus on what the future may bring Mousse.
  12. Electrique Cervo. :smile:
  13. Going to Chicago Friday and hope to find something small.

  14. Me too...
    Isn't it to gorgeous.
    Which colour are you thinking of?

  15. Sounds divine, are you going to do a reveal? Pretty please???