BV Sale, 30% off!

  1. Jomashop sent me a coupon for handbags. The code is: handbags30. It is only good for a few brands and BV is one of them. The other ones don't matter anyway, right? The code is good until 2/18. They are always slow to update their website as far as coupons go. If you have trouble with the coupon, you can call and place the order over the phone, just mention that you have that coupon code (handbags30) for 30% off.
    They have club stripe Montaignes, Messenger bags, a New Pyramid, that same briefcase I just got for the DH, etc. Also a wallet. Remember, rely on the code as opposed to the picture. For example, the wallet says brown, but has the code for Nero. Good luck!
  2. Are the bags they sell brand new? Authentic? The montaigne is really a steal!!
  3. I am in the US and have ordered from them. That is where I got BV #1, the Ferro Sloane. The bags they sell are authentic, and as far as I can tell, new. No smells or marks.

    Negatives, IMHO: The customer service is not the best, as far as the website goes. There are often time lags in the update department. I have had a few bags ordered, and then later cancelled. Order processing and shipping seems slow. And if you call after hours, the phone message tells you that the reps are busy and to call back later, rather than announcing the hours. And then there are the color mistakes on the website. So they certainly do have some deficiencies in their website/customer service coordination, and the folks who answer the phone seem like they are really young and don't especially like their job.

    Positives, IMHO: The bags are authentic. The prices are decent and they have the extra 30% off periodically. The bags arrive in great condition, having been packed well. They are very finicky about returns. You must repackage the bag with all the original packing.

    I have no idea about shipping to other countries, methods of payment accepted, or subsequent returns/credits, sorry.
  4. Hi jburgh, thanks for the great review!! Too bad the montaigne comes only in camel. Was looking for either a ebano or nero one for DW. However, since they seem to ship to Singapore and accepts Amex, will check back the site again to see whats on offer.
  5. You are welcome. How about that green club stripe Montaigne? Me likey! :nuts:

    From what I can find from pouring through our BV forum and Google searches, the palest color stripe in a club stripe has some intentional distressing. Some folks have thought this was dirt. Others have accepted the dark distressing as part of the style.
  6. Trigger, let me go have a look. Maybe we can even share shipping!
  7. I tried using the code for this, but they told me that the code does not apply for this item. :confused1:
  8. Then you have to call and order. As I mentioned before, the marketing and the website don't seem to be on the same of the negs of Jomashop. I just tried it, too and it says that the code doesn't apply, too. Call them. The code is handbags30 and is legit and valid until Feb. 18th.
  9. Okie! Thanks! :okay:

    Calling spendalot.... ??? See anything you fancy?
  10. I'm really starting to think that these two things are very connected - and the easier it is to do returns the more likely it is that the retailer will then have bags that are marked and worn because someone has not treated them well but they still accept the bag back and then sell it again (like Bluefly). And I've often wondered about the rationale for requiring the bag to be returned with all the original packing but, again, I suspect that is designed to ensure that someone doesn't keep and wear the bag for a while before returning it - since I doubt most people would also then bother keeping the original packaging around during the time they are "testing it out"...

    And I'm trying hard to resist the temptation of the 30% off... I think I'll just go look at the site again. Hmmmm.
  11. Has anyone seen this one IRL?
  12. NM in Tyson corner has this one as of last Saturday. I didn't ask the SA to look at this one. I only tried the Ebano New Ball and the Aurara Veneta( at first I thought it was Camel.) It's a nice bag.
  13. BV180165.jpg
  14. Bookermoose, I've seen it IRL. It's a nice size. It can be hand held and also carried on the shoulder if you allow the strap to pull through.