BV Resort 2008!

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  1. Hi all -

    I get a subscription to Women's Wear Daily (it's a retail industry publication) and it featured BV's Resort 2008 collection today! There was a picture of a TINY veneta in ebano in the runway collection, like 1/4 the size of a medium veneta. So super cute!
  2. [​IMG]

    note the BV bag...
  3. OOh, it would be awesome if you could post more pics. Incredible how early these collections are being produced. I loved resort 2007.
  4. I wish i could - I only get the paper copy and WWD has a seperate subscription for online...but, the runway pics should be on in the coming weeks though!
  5. oh i just hate fashion ppl know, they keep un uncompletely un-entertained for months and then there`s the pre-sales, the sales, the f/w bags coming in, the new catalog sent out, the resort collection presented, the website changed...too overwhelming for my poor brain that can`t handle that much information and then we have to wait again till like december till something happens again (besides the fashion show pics in late september)
  6. Hey, feel free to mail it to me when you are done and I will scan the thing!

  7. ohhh, great point. i actually have one of those multi-use printer/fax thingy at home. i'll see if there is a scanner - if so i'll can it and post it. It's just a couple of pictures so not super exciting....
  8. can't wait to see the pics
  9. this bag looks similar to the one on (with 2 straps), but this one is all woven.
  10. I have this too - and happened to see this thread! Attached are the pages of interest. Enjoy

    Attached Files:

  11. ooh the baby veneta is too cute !
  12. yea!! Thanks Bunkie!
  13. Writetoshirley & Bunkie, thanks for sharing. =)

    I can't access the pictures, am I the only one?
  14. Just a heads up for my darling PFers:

    Resort 2007 pics will be available online before the weekend hits! :biggrin:
  15. bag.lover - they are in PDF format. Do you have Acrobat Reader?