BV red bags on sale for Valentine's Day!

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  1. I'm on the list to get emails of new items that come in to the outlet stores. You can simply call and request to do the same:
    The Woodbury Outlet is #845 928-4563
    The Cabazon Outlet # 951 849-0348

    I'd like to share the red bags that are available for around 30-35% off retail. I absoulutely love the little quilted bag which is on the bottom shelf, second from the right. It has been in the Nordstroms store in black and I simply can't afford it, but if someone has the funds-this is such a fantastic bag! The workmanship is just incredible. Buttery soft. It's on sale in red for $1739

    The outlet stores have the seasonal colors only-very rare to find the stock colors like brown or black.

    Maybe someone has a sweetheart who wants to treat you to a little Valentine's Day bag??:heart:
  2. Oh I yearn for one of those bags. Thanks for the heads up and the pics Marly!
  3. Thanks Marly.
  4. Marly- the one you're talking about is indeed cute! It has such nice details to it~~ :love:
  5. Cute bag! I like those scallop edge bags, too. Thanks, Marly!
  6. Marly
    Sorry to change the subject - Who is the designer of the blue bag on your personal picture?
  7. So yummy:drool:
  8. That's the one which caught my eye too!

    Thanks for the tip Marly! Don't let this opportunity slip ladies!! ;)
  9. hmm i wonder how much it is for the red one on the bottom left corner =D does anybody know the name of that specific style? im not too familiar with BV. Thanks!
  10. That's the hobo (Veneta)--can't tell if it's medium or large. Also it looks like it might have the ruffled seam. I don't know how much those sold for--a bit more than the traditional woven hobos. Medium hobo now is $1200+, and the large is $1600+, I believe. But this is the outlet, so the price will be less than retail.
  11. thanks for the info and pics!
  12. thanks for the info. boxermom! i appreciate it =)
  13. Bagaduce-it's by Bottega as well:yes: A discontinued style.
  14. Yes, like Boxermom said, it's the perforated hobo with the ruffled seam. It must be the medium because it retailed for $1480 and is on sale for $1039