BV Problem - HELP!

  1. For valentines day, I got my first BV piece! - a woven cosmetic bag.

    Now here's the week after I started using it, I'm having problems with the doesn't zip up right, and one 'notch' of the zipper looks like it's loose and ready to fall off. My fiance actually got this bag BV in Tokyo...and I am in San Francisco now. But the SF store is remodeling, so I can't bring it in. I tried looking for a number to call online, but I can't find any!

    I'm new to BV, so I don't know how they usually handle these things. Do you have any idea what I should do? I'm sooo sad! :crybaby:
  2. Here is the BV personal shopper #: 646-292-5888. They can direct your call to the right department. I'm so sorry this happened! For what they get for any of their items, this shouldn't happen. Good luck!
  3. I am sure they will stand behind their product. Please share what happened.
  4. I called yesterday, but they were closed, so I emailed them. Will wait for their reply, and update you guys!
  5. Update - no reply, no nothing from Ana. I know she got my email because I wrote her a separate email inquiring about a bag in the catalog, and she replied the next day.

    I dunno what to do...maybe i need to call the store in Japan.
  6. Try to phone them during business hours. I see you're in SF and she's in NYC so you'll have to allow for their hours being 3 hrs later than your time zone.
  7. Gingerfarm, call the store in Japan and tell them about your problem. They are very helpful and serviceminded. My Dior bag had to be fixed when I was in Yokohama and Dior+Intercontinental hotel could not have been more helpful. They took care of everything and a few days later my bag was delivered free of charge to my hotel in a box with a card.

    Don't be sad I know this problem will be fixed soon for you:tender: :yes:
  8. Ana replied!

    She said there's no warranty on the product, but if it's purchased recently, they are happy to take a look at it and determine if anything can be done. So I will need to send the bag to the NY store, with a copy of the receipt.

    I'm going to do that...we'll see what happens.

    Have you guys done this before? How do I prove that I sent the bag in?
  9. No warranty?? Is that common with high-end bags???? I guess I never thought about it. I haven't had to return anything for repair, but send it insured via UPS or FedEx (they will give you paperwork to show you sent it)or if you do it thru the P.O., insure it and get a signature required so you have paperwork to prove you sent it. Good luck.
  10. Boxermom, it isn't common....I know that at least for Gucci, you get 1 year warranty if you bought it full price. That kinda sucks...BV is even more expensive. But I don't know if it's enough to keep me away from pretty pretty bags.

    My fiance saw this email and isn't too happy with the he's going to call Takashimaya in Tokyo and see what they say tonite.

    I'll keep you guys updated.
  11. I just wanted to update you guys. We brought the cosmetic bag into the BV shop in SF last weekend (I know....we're lagging...hehe), and they were very cool about it. They had no problem with exchanging it. Even though they didn't have the bag in store, then sent it in from another store. I think they didn't care too too much since it's a small bag anyway. I get to pick it up this weekend. woohoo!

    Thanks for the advice!
  12. Interesting, because Gucci and BV have merged. I would think that what stands for one, would stand for another. And, that's good news, Gingerfarm, that they do stand by their products!