BV Price Increases - Update

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  1. First off I wnated to introduce myself - I'm new to the BV forum although I am a frequent visitor of the LV forum. I've recently acquired a huge love for BV and have been avidly reading and loving your posts!

    Here is the update on the price increases as I know it:

    As of yesterday, nobody (sales associates) knew about the price increase date - they were just given pricing sheets for the new prices. Also, they were not given percentages (although they can say, range from 17 to 21%, there was not a set percentage) because instead of an increase percentage given like Louis Vuitton mandates, instead they were given the new price figures for each model. I only inquired about two - the large classic Veneta (hobo), which is $1,630 today, will be around $1,850 (she gave me the exact number but I can't seem to recall). The medium Veneta will be in the $1,400's. The medium Cabat in the regular lambskin, classic colors (noce, ebano) which is currently $3,900 will be $4,700. Those are the only I know.

    As of today, my local sales associate let me know that they just got an email from corporate this morning that the price increases are scheduled to happen much sooner than they anticipated - next Thursday, 5/24. I asked, does that mean I have to purchase before Thursday or by Thursday? She didn't really seem to know the answer other than Thursday - and advised I purchase before Thursday.

    Personally, this was a bit of pressure for me because I had planned on buying the Cabat before the price increase, which I was originally told end of June. But a $800 increase is something I wanted to avoid, so, despite the fact of having just purchased a large white Veneta from Bergdorf a week ago, I had to call around the BV boutiques and order this one too today. (Bergdorf is a LOVE for two reasons: 1) satisfaction guaranteed return policy (think Nordstrom's) and 2) no sales tax unless you are in NY. Shipping is $12. But they do not carry limited pieces - BV stopped allowing dept stores to carry limited edition I think in 2005. If you ever decide to call, ask for handbags, and then ask for John - he's very nice and helpful).

    My two cents, I hope the info I received is correct!
    Post based on information given from the Bottega Veneta store in Costa Mesa, CA (South Coast Plaza)
  2. Oh wow! I'm glad I got my large Veneta already!
  3. Thanks for the update! I just received my campana (smaller size), which I bought recently to beat the price increase. While it is about as wide as the medium veneta, it looks much bigger on me (than the veneta) because of the depth. It's a gorgeous bag, but I will have get use to the size.

    Congrats on your cabat purchase! The cabat is such a classy and beautiful bag.
  4. thanks for the update....
    anybody knows if the sloane will increase in price too?
  5. I believe all of the items are increasing - although at varying percentages. For example, the french-purse-looking wallet is supposed to go up another $100 or so...
  6. yikes.... isnt the sloane already more than 2k now? i dont rememebr how much the sloane is now....
  7. ^^OMG - wallets are going up too! I'm so done for..
  8. The SA in Singapore told me the Sloane went up by only S$10 (~US$6). I guess there is no fixed percentage just new prices. Seems like the Veneta got hit the most as its the most popular model of BV.
  9. sorry i meant to edit the post right below this one but ended up resopnding to it instead...
  10. But encouraging - BV is growing, and I believe well worth the investment:

    "Despite the building blitz here (Japan), most European luxury groups are having a rough time in Japan, a sluggish market dogged by a weak euro. Both LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton and PPR, owner of Gucci Group, recently admitted that their two star brands — Louis Vuitton and Gucci — were facing tougher times in the key Japanese market. Vuitton is expected to have flat sales there this year, while Jean-François Palus, PPR's chief financial officer, said, "Japan is a tough environment" for Gucci at the moment.
    But Gucci Group's Bottega Veneta is a notable exception, thanks to its niche positioning. Bottega Veneta's first-quarter sales spiked 57 percent in Japan, its biggest single market. Worldwide, the brand's first-quarter revenue rose 45 percent to 84.8 million euros, or $115.3 million at current exchange, boosted by 18 store openings.

    Bottega Veneta chief executive Patrizio Di Marco said the brand's no-logo strategy and emphasis on individuality has appealed to Japanese customers who are growing tired of mass-produced goods and ubiquitous products...

    Today, Bottega Veneta has a network of more than 40 stores in Japan. In late March, the brand opened a smaller boutique in the trendy shopping center Tokyo Midtown, a new complex designed by Japanese architects Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma...

    Meanwhile, Bottega Veneta is charting its growth elsewhere. Di Marco said the brand is preparing a watch collection. It's also branching out into new markets. This year the firm opened its first stores in China, in Shanghai and Beijing. Bottega Veneta will open another 23 stores around the world this year in cities such as Boston; Kyoto, Japan; Florence; Houston and Singapore."

    As you know, Japan accounts for more than half of top luxury designer brand sales in the world and I believe is pretty indicative of fashion house performance.
  11. Bunkie, any idea what the dimensions are for the medium cabat?
  12. Thanks so much for the update, Bunkie. Lots of quick decisions to make now!
  13. I actually don't know... I just know that when I saw the bag online I wasn't so impressed, but when I tried it on in the store, and the sales associate showed me how the ends were sometimes carried "tucked in" and it made it look like a TOTALLY different bag, it was love...
  14. Good grief.....:wtf: why does everything seem to be going up in price except our salaries!!! It's getting more & more difficult to enjoy the luxuries in life~! I had to vent there... but thanks for the useful info Bunkie
  15. If I may also may make another comment:

    If you are thinking of purchasing a non-limited bag (seasonal or classic) pre-price increase, then I think you have until the increase date to decide...

    But, if you are thinking of purchasing a LIMITED bag like the Cabat, then you don't necessarily have until that day... given that they only make 500 of each kind in the world and there are like only 10 to 20 of each color/model left in the country... and once everyone finds out about the increases and sales associates start calling their clients, telling them about the $800 increases, etc. (by the way, does anyone know what is the comission these SA's get? they are so motivated and I'm not used to that as LV SA's are not commission-based), what will be left to purchase the day before the increase?

    I didn't really think about this until my hubby pointed it out (I know, he's a keeper) and then I realized, OMG, where is the phone?!?! My local store was sold out of the Ebano so I had to order via another store to have shipped.