BV pre-fall 2008: a peek

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  1. These images were on on Friday; Tomas Maier says he is riffing on work/lab clothes for these. Three bags (one knot clutch).... Click for a larger view and enjoy!
    bv1.jpg BV2.jpg BV3.jpg
  2. Is that a python (or similar) Montaigne in the first picture?! I can't quite get it big enough to know for sure... but am getting a bit twitchy at the prospect...
  3. Unfortunately, that's the same size as the image on WWD so it's tough to tell. But yeah, it looks like a Montaigne to me - or at least very similar!
  4. They`re still not on!

    Anyways, looks like the dresses have an amazing texture!
  5. cant wait for the catalog to be out!!!
  6. C_24, they're very spare but I quite like them. They look very chic in these pictures!
  7. Thanks for posting mistikat! It will certainly be interesting to see the new colours coming out for fall!! I wonder if anyone has started spotting SS08 collections in-store yet??
  8. The picture is much larger in the actual paper. The bag is a leopard-print Montaigne, all done in interciatto leather. Lovely. The dress is a thin napa leather as well - supposedly one of the key fabrications of the season.

  9. Thanks Ryan. I think I just might have to get me one of those...
  10. Wow, gotta love that! Is that a leather coat or dress in the first pic? Love that colour!
  11. The animal print Montaigne makes me wonder what else is up his sleeve ... think it will be very interesting to see the rest of this collection!
  12. Thanks for the peek mistikat! I love BV RTW dresses. :love: If I have all the money in the world, I'd be clothed in BV dresses all the time. :girlsigh:

    This is my fav - and love the Knot!