BV Pouch in Mist, Nude or Camello?

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Which colour BV pouch should I buy?

  1. Mist

    3 vote(s)
  2. Nude

    0 vote(s)
  3. Cammello?

    4 vote(s)
  1. Hi again,

    I just realized how great online shopping/stock is for the Pouch bags. I have found them available in all colours I have been considering and now I am completely torn. I thought I wanted Camello, but I am growing in love with Mist and Nude as well. FYI - this will be my first Bottega and I don't have anything too similar in colour in my closet to any of these.

    Also, for anyone who owns a bag in Mist, is it hard to keep clean?

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. UPDATE: I went to see the Bottega rep at the store near me (we don't have an actual store, just a smaller one in our department store). All pouch colours I like are sold out in store, but I will buy online. The rep told me Mist will be a lot of upkeep so I'm not considering Cammello (tan) or Nude? Any thoughts? I saw comments about the camel colour looking like a football! Now I can't get that out of my head.
  3. Those three are actually my favorite neutral colors when it comes to the Pouch. I was leaning towards Nude but then I recently received the Pouch 20 as a birthday gift in Camel! It is very beautiful and versatile. Out of those three colors, I'd say it requires the least upkeep.
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  4. @diane278 can speak to Mist as can our @Buckeyemommy. Nude has a bit of pink in it.
  5. I owned a woven mist pouch when they first came out. I really liked the color and used it quite a bit originally, although never daily. I did feel that I had to pay attention to being careful where I put it down. I have since edited my bag collection and no longer have it, so I dont know how it wears long term. Mine did not have the strap so it had to be carried by hand. If yours will have the strap, you can also wear it as a shoulder bag, which might make a difference. (I’m a clutch lover so I prefer carrying bags by hand.)
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  6. Thanks for the info! Was the reason to get rid of it that you worried over the white colour?

    I am also looking at the clutch version without strap. :smile:
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  7. I let it go because I’ve been editing my bag collection and have another clutch in basically the same color (but a different brand) which I decided worked better for me.
    I found a photo I posted early on. (I’m editing my photo album, too.) I think the off-white color is very adaptable....even when worn with wrinkled clothing.......
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  8. Diane, you always look super no matter what you’re wearing!!!
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