BV Pink Pig piggy accesories.

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  1. I'd love to find these - both the keyring and the phone charm, but is it too late?

    Can you guys let me know if you spot them at any stores or outlets?
  2. I got the keyring from Hawaii. You can call them and ask them to send to you.:yes:
  3. ^^Did you purchase it recently?
  4. about 1 month ago..i dealt with SA from Atlantic City because it's the store that's closest to me. Elena is wonderful and she can order it for you. If not, talk to the manager-her name is Jana. She actually ordered me a ottone cabat which i thought were all sold out.
  5. I saw them in Hawaii too about two months ago.
  6. i am in las vegas and i saw the key ring at the BV boutique over at the Bellagio. there were three but i bought one!! so i know that they have two left. i can't remember if they had the phone charm in the pink pig. the phone number of the boutique is (702)369-2944. hope this helps!
  7. Ah, one of my favorite places to be! BTW, did you see any bags in iron? They did not have any when I went a month ago:sad:.
  8. ouija board: i do not think that they had any bags in iron - i know that they did not have the sloane. they may have had the roma but it was not out on display so i am not sure. it is a great boutique. i had fun looking at everything.
  9. Vegas store has great SA's too! That's where I go for all my bags, unless I have to search it out via Ana, the BV online shopper.