BV Pilot Bag?

  1. Ok, the internet is NOT helping me here...

    I saw the inside back-cover of Augusts' VOGUE, and imediately LOVED the Hand-Painted, Tropical-Hued, Woven-Python Pilot Bag! However, I cannot find nary A THING about it online...

    Does anyone know ANYTHING about it beyond it's 5.7k price point? other hand-painted colors?

    And I'll be honest, cause I have no clue...but does BV offer any of their other styles in a hand-painted, woven python also?

  2. I loved the picture of that bag, too! Unfortunately, I don't know anything about it, either. Sorry I'm no help, but good luck!
  3. Sorry, no clue here...

    The catalogue doesn't even feature it, so no additional information to be gleaned from there. :shrugs:
  4. Read this thread:

    It also comes in Red. There are also 2 hand painted phyton handbags in green or red that are nicer looking than this pilot/flight bag, but they are not woven. The cost: about $8000. Look in the BV online catalog, runway pictures.

    They also have some cosmetic cases/clutches that are in this red or green python.