BV Pets - photos of your BV with a pet

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  1. So many of you have dogs, that I thought perhaps BV dogs should have their own thread. While I don't have dogs of my own, I have two nephews that I often house sit.

    My nephews don't do any philanthropic work, like Nickel & Zoey do. Nor do they snuggle in bed with me like Lesley & Harry.

    This coming weekend, I will be housesitting Gus. Photos coming. For now, I am offering photos of my other nephew POTUS who's current specialty is chewing. The second photo is POTUS closed out of the guest room because he would grab something to chew if allowed in. His arms look like big hairy caterpillars. He's attempting to get something by reaching under the door.

    I would love to have something more interesting to offer, but I'm only the aunt. The rest of you can add the good stuff! :useless:

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  2. Great idea, Diane! Here's a young Zoey celebrating the Wildflowers.

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  3. Bella whose specialty is making us smile, keeping us company and being cute.

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  4. Oh my goodness! I love tinies! (What I call tiny dogs). Such sweetness! :heart:
  5. Bob. Best. Dog. Ever. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462309113.955981.jpg
  6. Well you all know Wicky. I am so bad at posting pics here that I have given up. When you think Wicky think Toto with shorter legs and a fire plug body. I love a shaggy fluffy dog. I also live Rhodesian Ridgebacks and German Sheppard. The smartest best doggie I ever had was a pound puppy. She rescued me.
  7. We don't have a dog now, but we are serious about becoming dog parents again in the future. Here is a photo of our Rhodesian Ridgeback Kiwi. We miss him so much. His "proper name" was Rob Norms Kiwi of Masai. He was the pick of the litter but he absolutely hated dog shows. His father was Kimani's Sharper Image. Calvin was his nick name. Calvin was quite the champion.
  8. Gorgeous Ridgeback
  9. I am going to put a puc of my Ridgies in my avatar
  10. He looks regal.

  11. He's beautiful. Love big dogs. Are they good with kids?

  12. He was amazing with all people. He would have been a fantastic therapy dog but we discovered this too late in his life. As a puppy he went through extensive obedience training. We also socialized him with other dogs and kids at all venues that would allow dogs. He was curb trained. He would not go out the door without an OK tap on his head. Same for crossing streets. He was not allowed to step off a curb without our OK tap. He was a big boy - 27" at the shoulder and about 90 pounds. He was from a litter of 7. Lynn Swan, had one of Kiwi's siblings. Ridgebacks are very smart and they require a huge training commitment. It's all worth it.

  13. He really looked the part when he wore his purple dog coat.
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    Oh my gosh , I love this thread ! They are all so incredibly beautiful! I have three ...going to gather pictures BRB:smile:
    Here is Milo. He is a long haired Chuhuahua. He is ten. Super feisty but loving!

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