BV Peltro Continental Wallet & Makeup pouch

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  1. I bought a peltro (silver) continental wallet and makeup pouch a few months ago and love them to death. The color came up in another thread where jeanhsiung shared her stunning peltro cabat so I thought I'd share some photos. (I didn't get the smaller wallet but I am tempted - must refrain :wtf:):heart: The patina effect is more apparent than pictured.


  2. I would have loved to see this in person. It's world apart from my pastel collection. Do you know if they are nappa or nappa umbria or? It's stunning!
  3. I'm not too sure but it's very soft so perhaps nappa. I'll ask my SA and let you know ;)
  4. They are lovely!
  5. Wow! Those are gorgeous!
  6. i love silver!!! what a great color all season around!
  7. Which season is that color from -- it really is spectacular! You need to add it to the "colors" thread!
  8. Wow, this is stunning, I love this colour and your accessories are just perfect!
  9. Holy moly, that silver is gorgeous! I love the patina, quite different but just as lovely as ottone.
  10. I think I remember seeing this color - Peltro - in FW 06/07. They had a pair of sneakers in this color. It's wonderful. Where did you find these items, Mystilleto? At the outlets?
  11. It's regular nappa, not umbria.
  12. This color is indeed peltro! It's from resort 2005 and carried over to resort 2006 according to the lovely manager at the BV Atlantic City store. I bought the items from the store. If you want any help, ask for Jenna and let her know Jessica sent you. :tup:
  13. Ack, I love the silver! Awesome find!!
  14. So pretty and unusual--we don't see many of these. They will always look stylish!
  15. wowoowow!! stunning indeed!! love these pieces!! congratulations dear! enjoy them to the most!! :heart: