BV Outlets - Current Selection

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  1. Since we are making such progress with adding stickies recently, I'm thinking it would also be helpful to add this as a sticky where people can post pictures and other information they receive about the current stock at the BV outlets - for those of us who can't easily get there.

    We've already had such useful information posted in the last week or so here:

    Can someone contact the right people to make it happen?!
  2. I received some pictures of the inventory at the Cabazon BV outlet, but for some reason have a bit of challenge uploading these. The picts attached in posts are also not appearing. Will come back later and continue with the attempt to upload picts, hope the problem is fixed by then.
  3. BV1.jpg BV2.jpg BV3.jpg BV4.jpg
  4. Boy am I in trouble, didn't know BV had outlets. I get in enough trouble with the Dior Cabazon outlet. Would love to hear about some of the TPF girls purchases, ie list price and their purchase price.