BV Outlet Visit Report

  1. So in lieu of the President's Day Weekend sales, my DH and I went to the outlets here in California (Desert Hills Premium Outlets) in Cabazon to be specific. Of course, had to visit the BV store. They had some items that caught my eye... but nothing that gave me the urge to purchase. Here are some highlights:
    • Many shoes were 40 to 60% off the already discounted price (some resulting in a price of $140 or less)! Too bad they didn't have my size...
    • Had a lot of Marquise Venetas (the cut-out flowers and shapes) in Quarzo, Bianco and other colors
    • Wallets included many exotic varieties such as snake
    • There was this beautiful lavender small stingray Cocker for $1900-ish, original price was $4550, from SS06. I was surprised because most stingray I see at BV are brown/gray
    • I saw a carminio and ebano men's wallet in woven cervo, very nice
    • I didn't see any classic models in solid colors; some of the classic colors (like ebano) did exist but for larger totes and satchels
    • Many bags were 40% off, only until Monday
    Just wanted to report in. They also take phone orders for delivery if you want to call in and inquire.
  2. :nuts:

    I wanna buy BV shoes!! But I bet they don't have 'em in my size, so... :crybaby: And also the Carmino wallet... :rolleyes:

    Haha. I'm daydreaming :p
  3. hi Nymph, I'm size 41 (approx US 10,5) and I did find a nice ladiies sandal in an Italian outlet (I enquired by e-mail). Never give up dreaming :tup:
  4. I would love to get some BV shoes. Is size 37 considered an odd or a common size over there? I wish there's some pictures of the shoes.
  5. Thanks for sharing. The stingray Cocker sounds dreamy...
  6. Actually, it's the sizes like 37 and 38 which are never available at these BV outlets - if you are 41 you may have some luck!!
  7. Bunkie, thanks for the update. Anything else in carmino besides the wallet that you recall?
  8. ^ nope. In fact, I don't think they're even supposed to be in the outlets.
  9. I LOVE stingray .... that bag sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing the info!
  10. Adding to Bunkie's outlet visit report: they have more new stuff when I went last week (according to the SA).
    -Most of the bags are at least 30-40% off but they just don't have the classic color. I saw a large quarzo veneta on sale for $1000US but I am just not a pink person so... and they have so many limited edition bags on sale as well.
    -All shoes are 50% and I grabbed one of those!!! :drool:
    -Lots of accessories on sale. you can get a wallet for like $170US and a phone strap for $89US. I think it's a very good deal.
    It's worth to go there if you live near LA area.

    will post my purchase later.