BV OUTLET stock?

  1. I don't like near a BV outlet - but I thought maybe we could have a thread for outlet stock. If anyone goes to a BV outlet they could report back on what they saw - that way if they have anything people (who don't live near an outlet) would be interested in - we could do a phone order.

    What do you think?

    Has anyone been to a BV outlet recently?
  2. i didn't even know they had BV outlets...

    it's a great idea....IMO :yes:
  3. Great idea- I'd love to hear what people find. I don't near the two BV outlets either but you can also request to get updates/pics or specific things you're looking for via email.

    The Woodbury Outlet (NY) is #845 928-4563
    The Cabazon Outlet (CA)# 951 849-0348
  4. I am planning a road trip soon to the woodbury outlet.
    As soon as the weather breaks.

    I wonder if they let you take photos?

    Maybe we (those that live nearby) can all meet for lunch or coffee!!
  5. ijust went there yesterday.
    But I saw this thread, didn't really pay attention to what was there.
    I don't think there are a lot in the store. I mean, I was planning to buy a purse in brown or black or grey, they don't have much in these colors, But they do have a lot styles in red, green , yellow.
    And they have some shoes, for some of them, they are having 75% off the outlet price
  6. 75% off outlet prices for some shoes - -ohh I wish I was closer!
  7. anything in the purple (Parma) color?
  8. they have some good deals on shoes and RTW during the holidays. the bags are hit or miss.
  9. Does anyone know if there is an outlet in Europe? In Italy?
  10. I believe there is one outside of florence / firenze
    There is a mall with gucci, loro piana etc

    haven't been, will go next time
  11. They'll let you do a charge send. I know Pablo at the CA outlet will offer to take pics and email them to you.
  12. I've been to the one in Italy Firenze , The mall outlet. Its a really good place to go, there are lots of shops like Pucci,Fendi,Ungaro,And Bottega Veneta had lots of bags and shoes.
  13. Hmmm *rubs hands* sounds interesting!
    I love your little donut avatar! :p
  14. Great info!