BV outlet sale

  1. ^Actually, they won't either. They told me I could have the items picked up or mailed to a friend, but they have to live in the US.
  2. Woodbury told me that they won't ship to Canada... although maybe I didn't plead enough! Or they just don't like Canada...
  3. cabazon has a darker version of that chained wallet. it will be 30% off of whatever the outlet retail is. i think $279 but not sure whether that is with the 30% or not
  4. bookermoose, did you not explain to them who you were? hmmrph!
  5. I tried getting some wallets earlier via Bryan, who got in touch with the outlets where they had them. But they wouldn't ship internationally. And this labour day sale, I too, tried got in touch with the individual outlet but was, again, told that they don't ship internationally. I think it's a store/outlet policy?
  6. But, if you can add a friend/relative's US address on your credit card, then they'll ship there. And have your friend ship it to you after.
  7. Here are the pictures John sent me. I didn't get any information on prices, though.
  8. saresha - Thanks for posting your sale pictures!
  9. someone else mentioned mail forwarding services as well. i think some of our tpfers in singapore use one. perhaps they will see this and make a recommendation?
  10. What I discovered out when I attempted to use a mail forwarding service earlier this year is that most retailers who won't otherwise ship outside of the US also won't accept credit cards from outside the US, either - so even if you use a mail forwarding address to solve the shipping problem, you may still be faced with the problem that they won't take your credit card.

    And I believe the BV outlets were among those who required both a US address AND a US credit card. :tdown:
  11. ok, it' a small item, but in the past I bought a coin purse from Woodbury with a Mastercard from Europe (and a US shipping address provided by a mail forwarder) and it was accepted with no problem:smile:
  12. I use Comgateway or vpostUSA to ship to Singapore. For merchants that don't accept non-US issued cards, I pay a concierge fee for them to order for me.
  13. Cool - I didn't know you could get them to do that! Does it cost much more?
  14. It's 5% of the order amount.
  15. These are pictures that Art sent me today. They're 30% off.
    Cabazon1.jpg cabazon2.jpg cabazon3.jpg cabazon4.jpg cabazon7.jpg