BV outlet items arrived today, come see...

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  1. Black Patent leather pumps - these are divine! Lokk way better IRL!:drool:
    The Ebano woven loafers :faint:, Oh my! I thougth TODS were it, but these take the cake in comfort!
    The Spun silk make up case is very cute! Feels like burlap, but a bit softer.

  2. ooooh i love that spun silk makeup case! congrats!!!!
  3. Lovely! And that makeup case is really pretty!
  4. Beautiful shoes and makeup bag!
  5. That makeup case was only $71.60, no tax since I'm in CT!!!:yahoo:

    I wish they had more shoes I liked, I would have purchased more! The fit is perfect!
  6. You did well! Love those loafers.
  7. I have those heels in beige. They are my favorite heels ever. They are so comfortable and they really add a lot of polish to an outfit. Congratulations... you really got some great stuff.
  8. Great finds! I just got the patent pumps on BlueFly - not quite as good a deal as you did, but I am still happy with them. I usually have cheapo shoes - this is my first pair of nice ones!!
  9. Very nice! Love the heels :tup:
  10. I want the make up case--any idea if they have more...which outlet?
  11. Yes, you did really well. I have the same loafers and they are incredibly comfortable. How is the fit for you? I had to size down a size in that style.
  12. I got them at the Woodbury outlet, ask Adam or Anthony if they have another one.

    jburghYes, you did really well. I have the same loafers and they are incredibly comfortable. How is the fit for you? I had to size down a size in that style.

    I got a size down from the pumps (39.5), got the loafers in 39 and they fit PERFECT! and I mean perfect! like a glove, they seem to hug my feet! The pumps fit perfectly also, amazing. They are sized like Manolos.

    I wish I could wear them, but not with all the salt and dirt on the roads right now after all the snow, next week in Florida!! and on the flight down, should be nice and comfy on the plane. I usually carry a pair of TODS drivers to wear on transatlantic flights, this flight I'll just wear my BV's.

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I am very happy with my take!
  13. If Woodbury doesn't have it, Cabazon still may. They both had that case.
  14. Yeah I was able to get two of the three makeup bags I wanted. I got the light python looking one in far right front of first pic...I thought is was a cream/taupe combo, she said its actually pale pink, and I got the spun silk (burlap) looking bag with white trim, the smaller one in brown trim was sold out in both Woodbury and Cabazon, the first was $143 and $103. Hope I like them when they get here. Anyone know what color that lighter color python is? Thanks everyone. Can you spell ENABLE??

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  15. Yeah BV just called back, they found the small brown spun silk cosmetic bag, so I'm 3 for 3. LT, you have just helped me spend $350 on cosmetic bags that I will probably be afraid to put cosmetics in for fear of ruining them...I love this forum!