BV outlet in Los Angeles

  1. Hi!! Has anyone visited the BV outlet in LA (Desert Hills)? What goodies they have over there? :confused1:
  2. A BV factory outlet?? On my!!
  3. I think if you call the outlets the SAs will take pictures of what they have and send them to you - I know the other outlet (Woodbury) has done that before. (And then the kind recipient of the photos can post them here for everyone else to ogle too!)
  4. An LA outlet- you almost gave me a heart attack! Desert Hills is hours from LA. :sad: I've heard it's not worth going until they have a big sale at the outlet. Then it's good. Plus I think they've opened some newer outlets like Loro Piana there.
  5. oooooh. i need to look for their numbers. both woodbury and desert hills.

    any recommended SAs for either?
  6. gee, there are bv outlets? please, someone, get me to the usa!
  7. me too!! i wanna go!!!
  8. As soon as I clicked on this thread I started searching for a BV outlet in Texas and yes there is one but very far south :crybaby: but it's definitely worth the trip!
  9. ROAD TRIP to the Woodbury outlets! :yahoo: What do you say? Anyone here have a private jet and can pick us all up? :nuts:
  10. I'm in!! Just no access to a private jet, unfortunately!
  11. I was at the Cabazon/Desert Hills outlets after New Years and did not see any great sales in the Bottega store. They had about 30 bags displayed in various places in the store, but I didn't think any of the prices were too cheap, but I am new to BV.

    It is a treck to get to Desert Hills from LA. We stayed in Palm Desert so it was only about 30 minutes away. LA was at least 1 1/2-2 hours.
  12. The prices used to be pretty good a couple of years ago. I've once bought a red Veneta for less than USD500. I don't think you can find those deals anymore.
  13. Veneta for less than $500??!! :graucho: Sounds great!! Will definitely report what good deals they have.
  14. Any chance of a stopover here in Singapore for us to catch a ride?? :idea:
  15. No private jet available unfortunately, but please let me know once you get to EWR (or JFK or LGA), you've got your chauffeur here![​IMG]