BV Outlet Columbus Day PRESALE!

  1. I thought to share! I'm getting the accordion satchel in Noce....
    They're taking orders now, 30% off of their original prices.

    This is the one in Woodbury.
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Bunkie, thanks for the post! This is very tempting... do you know if they have any pink/purple accessories on sale as well?
  3. They very well may. I only asked them to send me the neutrals.
  4. Is this 30% off original retail or 30% off the outlet price? (I'm just asking because the outlet price is already 30-40% off the original retail.)
  5. Do you have a phonenumber I wonder if they would ship internationally?!
  6. WAH! :nuts:

    I knew I should never have come into this thread for a peek... *shakes head*
    It's temptation galore!
  7. BV has OUTLETS???!!!!!!!????!!!!!! :nuts: This is music to the ears of a BV newbie like me. Thanks for the info., and congrats on your bag! I love Noce too. When you say that you got the accordian satchel, which one do you mean? The bag in the first piccie in the upper right?
  8. I'm not sure if they ship internationally. Their phone number is: (845) 928-4563. Hope this helps!
  9. Yes, this is 30% off of the already marked down outlet prices.
    For example, the accordian satchel is $1,350 or somewhere close, even though in stores it was more than $2,600 or something similar (to give you an idea)
  10. Pardon me, but exactly where is this BV outlet, which part of the US? I want to know in case I do make a trip near there one fine day! Sigh... it's so tempting.... I'm wondering if I should now change my year end holiday destination ??!!
  11. Thanks :heart: probably not but I will give them a call we'll see.
  12. mlbags, the two main BV outlets are the Desert Hills outlets near Palm Springs, CA, and the Woodbury outlet in New Jersey. However, you can always have them ship to where you are staying.
  13. Bunkie you know they have anything in old petra on sale? TIA!
  14. FYI, Woodbury is in New York...

  15. Thanks for the tip and the pictures Bunkie.