BV Ostrich with Croc 60% off

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  1. I just took this bag off hold. It retails for $5700 but is 60% off! I want it sooo bad, but I can't justify yet another purple bag. If interested, call Alex at 212.872.2615 and tell her Reed referred you...she'll know exactly which bag!
  2. Okay, for some reason I can't get the pictures to post, but it looks like this exact one, except it's purple:

  3. I'll bet it's beautiful!
  4. OMG!!!! why are you people torturing me?????
  5. Aaaaack! I must step away. Not spend....
  6. BAH!!! I'm freaking out... I have been thinking about that bag for 6 months or more. That's a great price for that beauty. (Wait a second... since when was 2.3K a great deal for a bag? I think my transformation is complete.)
  7. OMG! I love this bag in purple! Did someone get it? If not, I'm calling tomorrow to get it.
  8. its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
    I was looking for an ostrich bag! ive been scouring for a a former Tod's ostrich forever but the BV purple ostrich is TDF!!!
    Did anyone here get it????
    im already fantasizing about it being on my shoulder! hahahaha:P
  9. i want to see this bag.....can't find the picutre.....i am thinking about it....
  10. you can see a picture of the purple ostrich clutch in the back...

  11. here is a better picture so you can get a sense of the color

  12. OMG! That's a beautiful purple.....
  13. hummm....i feel bad if i spend another $2.5K in this kind of economy....but i love the bag and the purple color.......should i get it?
  14. it is gone..... i was going to get it...too bad... but thank you ladies...
  15. I called, too, but it was sold already. :hysteric:
    But I hope one of us tPFer got it.