BV or Mamma Mias? Which do you Prefer?

  1. I don't know how I feel about them. Which ones do you like better? What are the Pros and Cons of it? Like for example I wish they kept their shape when you put them down. Instead they become like a blob. But then again it does hold a good amount of print and things.. What do you think? :tup:
  2. :yes: i think they are cute! i like the size of the MM better than the BV because i dont carry that much stuff... but i wish the strap on the MM was as long as the BV
  3. I prefer the MM because it's the perfect size to hold all my stuff. I still love my BV, though, because I use it for when I want to take a lot of stuff with me - like snacks to the movies, etc. But the MM is definitely the "every day" type of bag to me.
  4. I prefer my BV, the MM's a good size as i don't carry much so all my stuff is like 'there', not alot of loose fabric floating around. But the BV hangs better off my arm and stays better on my shoulder, its abit to big, but i spend much more time carrying it then i do digging around inside
  5. I think they are both great, for different purposes. I also like that they are very simple bags--just a tote shape but with a flashy print to give it some kick. The Mamma Mia is a perfect purse type bag, but it can get overloaded and then it doesn't sit as nicely and the straps become a little too short. The BV is like Defcon 2--I can throw all kinds of stuff in there and not worry about it fitting properly or not.
  6. I like the Mamma Mia; I can throw in my keys, wallet and cellphone and still have room left over. I found the BV to be too big, although it never looks that huge on people.
  7. I love Mamma Mia's. I own 2, Adios Star and Pirata. I've been using my Pirata MM everyday for while now. It's the perfect size! I kinda dislike the straps, I would love for it to be a little bit longer. I don't own a BV, but do have one coming in the mail. I was worried about the size, because everything fits perfectly in my MM, but I'm getting more for the longer straps and for days I need to carry extra items.
  8. BV for sure for me. But im mostly a big bag girl
  9. I love both of them!
    I especially like the mesh pockets on the side for my keys and cell phone,very easy to get to!
    (+)great for everyday use..perfect size
    (-)straps sometimes falls of shoulder
    (+)shows off a lot of the print
    (+)good for when you carry more stuff (for school my binder and a textbook fits & I also use it as a diaper bag along w/my stuff in it too!)
  10. I have two BVs and they are huge for you if you dont have a lot of stuff to put in there. I just bought a mamma mia and they are so cute. Small and fits enough of what I need in the bag.
  11. I agree with Gingiemay 100% - two perfect bag styles, but for different purposes.

    The MM is the perfect size for me to use as a handbag (I haven't had the issue of the straps sliding off).

    The BV is the perfect size for me to bring a change of clothes/shoes to work, or throw my son's beach towel, goggles, flip flops in for a trip to the pool, etc. It would be way too big for a purse for me.

    Both styles showcase the print very well.

  12. I love mine :heart: I don't know if I can decide... my mamma mia is perfect for going out shopping and such~ It's surprising how much it can fit. I think I like it a tad more than my BV, since because the BV is much bigger, it appears way less structured and more floppy-saggy-ish.
  13. I have both and i'm partial to my Mamma Mias! I find I use it way more than the BV.

    (But it's nice to own both. When you need to carry a little more you have that BV to use!)
  14. I'm not much of a bucket bag gal... I do have an Arancia one and have found it nice for the summer (and it had a full print of Foresta inside). I like BV a bit better because I am a tote bag carrier... I normally pair it with a plain purse (like a Notte bella). I always have a lot of junk to carry.
  15. I have both, and while the mm is the perfect size for everyday esentials, the bv has more room for those "extras" you always pick up when you're shopping or running errands. I don't mind the extra space either, it makes it easier to find what you're looking for when everything is spread out. And of course the bv shows off more print - the best reason :p